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About Alca

Alca is a district located in the province of La Unión, inside the departament of Arequipa. Its name comes from a word in quechua, which can be translated into "warriors".

Travel tips for Alca

- In Alca the altitude is very high and it can cause vomit and headache. To prevent it you can ask for a pill in the nearest drugstore or, if you want a more natural solution, you can buy a cocas tea. - Although the weather in Alca is fresh, you could feel coldness in the night, so its better to bring along a jacket. - Alca is a very safe place, but its always better to be cautious. Always check your things and be aware of your surroundings.

Alca Weather

Best time to visit Alca

The best time to visit Alca is between january and march because in this period of time the weather is not sultry.

Climate in Alca

In Alca the weather is fresh and warm, it has an average annual temperature of 12.6°C.