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Transportes Turismo Paramonga began the 23rd of July 1997, when Teofilo Valdiviano and his wife, Benita Santillan, arrived after years of working abroad. Their objective upon returning to their hometown was to create a beer distribution company. Due to the constant trips between Paramonga and Lima to create a market study they detected that many others also required transportation along the route. They then decided to work and open a transportation company, aiming to provide a secure service. Thus, they created INSTABUS.


For the safety of the passenger, the buses are equipped with GPS tracking, First Aid Kit, and Fire Extinguishers.

Instabus Bus Service On Board

  • reclining seats up to 130°
  • GPS
  • Reading light
  • Music
  • Movie

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  • HUAURA; Agencia Huacho - Carretera Panamericana Norte Km. 1183 (Cruce Av. Luna Pizarro con Bauzate y Mesa) Huacho; Telf: 01 567-7961
  • BARRANCA; Agencia Paramonga - Av. Francisco Vidal N° 921 - Paramonga; Telf: 01 589-3461
  • LIMA; Agencia Lima - Av. Javier Luna Pizarro 251 - 253 - La Victoria; Telf: 940 376 150/01 423-6338
  • HUARAL; Agencia Chancay - Terminal Terrestre Chancay; Telf: 01 337-4293
  • BARRANCA; Agencia Supe - Av. Francisco Vidal N° 796 - Supe; Telf: 01 589-6900
  • BARRANCA; Agencia Barranca, Calle Leoncio Prado N° 269 - Barranca; Telf: 01 598-4171