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Costeño Express Bus Company

Costeño Express is a company totally organized, dedicated to satisfy the needs and expectations of the passengers users of long-distance buses and cargo. Costeño Express is backuped by a modern bus fleet and a good work team, highly trained to provide a quality service, which is outlined for the punctuality, the safety and the comfort.

Information contact of Costeño Express

☎ Telephone number of Costeño Express: 956 221 670. | Address: Terminal Terrestre El Chimbador, Chimbote.

Costeño Express Bus Service On Board

  • Seats reclining up to 140
  • USB entrance
  • WIFI

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  • ● ÁNCASH; Chimbote; Terminal Terrestre el Chimbador Stand B-06. ☎ Telephone: 956 221 670 / 043- 350 358.