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About Tocache

In 1791, the group from the Franciscan Theological Order led by Manuel Sobreviela created Tocachi while they were searching El Dorado (with the Cholones Indians). The town was abandoned after the independence of Peru and in 1914 the settlers founded Juan de Tocache. It was located in the confluence of the rivers Huallaga and Tocache. The settlers extracted rabber to export to Europe but after the 1st World War this industry ends. In 1936 they decided to move the town because it suffered inundations, they relocated it in the Pato ravine (now Rio de la Plata) and they named it Pato or Puerto Pato, but after 4 years it took the name of Tocache Nuevo. After some years, it was designated with the district’s category and it became part of the province of Mariscal Caceres.

Tocache Weather

Best time to visit Tocache

The best month to visit Tocache is december because they celebrate the Banana’s Festival and they organize the Tocache Expo. And if you don’t like the rain, the best months to visit Tocache are june and july.

Climate in Tocache

The climate in Tocache is tropical and its average temperatura is 77°F (25°C). Also, it has a high level of humidity.

Things to do in Tocache

Nightlife in Tocache

El Rustico Snack bar Karaoke

Location: Intersection of Jr. Pedro Gómez with Jr. Progreso
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Bar decorated with the typical jungle style. There you can try several typical cocktails, beers and other drinks. They have an excellent service.

Millenium Disco

Location: Between Jr. Belaunde and Aviacion Avenue, 3 blocks from Jr. Fredy Aliaga
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Nice place with big spaces where you can have a good party with your friends. Also, they organize events with famous artists and they offer good cocktails.

Tokio Mega Disco

Location: Belaunde Terry road
Hours: 07:30 p.m. - 06:00 a.m. friday and saturday / 07:30 to 12:00 a.m. sunday
Price: unknown
Enjoy the best events and parties with famous national artists. They also organize competitions to entertain the party.

Where to eat in Tocache

Las Delicias de Pochita

Location: Jr. Amazonas 305
Hours: 09:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.
Price: unknown
Restaurant with good seasoning that has participated in Mistura food festival. It offers dishes like cecina mixta, special ceviche, wild arroz chaufa, tacu tacu with lomo and pepper with cocona.

Antojitos Tipicos La Cocona

Location: Intersection of Jr. Jorge with Amazonas
Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Price: unknown
Restaurant that offers typical dishes like patarashka, ninajuane, avispajuane, chicharron, fish in bijao leaves and exotic cocktails with strange names. Also, it offers karaoke to enjoy with your friends.

El Tinajon

Location: Jr. Ramon Castilla block 9th
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Rustic restaurant that offers typical dishes in a nature atmosphere. There you can try piranha, suri and a delicious fried carachama.

El Dorado Restaurant

Location: Jr Fredy Aliaga. N. 725
Hours: 09:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.
Price: unknown
Elegant restaurant that offers typical dishes with a special presentation. They give an excellent service.

The tourist places to see in Tocache are:

Malecon de la ciudad

Location: Near Huallaga river
Hours: All day
Price: Free entrance
Enjoy the view of the nature in front of the Huallaga river. It’s a perfect experience to share with your friends and family.

Velo de Plata Waterfall

Location: Uchiza’s district
Hours: 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m.
Price: Free entrance
Beautiful waterfall of 135 meters, where you can swim. The place is perfect to take photos because it has a beautiful landscape (native flora).

Atusparia Viewpoint

Location: 8 km. from the city (50 min. walking, 10 min. by motorcycle)
Hours: All day
Price: Free entrance
Enjoy the fresh air going to the natural viewpoint located 1045 meters above sea level. You will have a great view of the valley, the city and the Huallaga river. During the day and at night the view is amazing.

Santa Cruz Waterfall

Location: Nuevo Progreso district
Hours: All day
Price: unknown
Group of 4 waterfalls, the biggest one has 15 meters of high. They are beautiful waterfalls because they also have vegetation in the surroundings. You can swim and relax with a peaceful atmosphere.

Maravillosa and Misteriosa Caves

Location: Tocache District
Hours: unknown
Precio: unknown
In this caves you can see interesting figures of carved stone made by the river, and also you can see stalactites and stalagmites. There are figures that represent Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. You can also find blind fishes and bats living there.

Petroglifos de Chontayacu

Location: 20 minutes from Uchiza district
Hours: All day
Price: unknown
Group of rocks with mythical figures that represent plants or the pass of time. They also have figures that represent animals like monkeys, felines and others.

Rumi Tayta Fortress

Location: Uchiza District
Hours: All day
Price: unknown
Big stones with different forms that represent a fortress with a labyrinth inside. It’s a natural place where you can enjoy nature. Nearby there is another natural place named Roca Picho.

The things to do in Tocache

Mysterious speleology

Location: Tocache district or in Ramal de Aspuzana town
Caves with cultural value because they give information about Tocache’s history and people. You can find religious references.

Extreme Sports

Location: Distrito de Tocache
If you practice any extreme sport you can know the beauty of the nature and animals in Tocache, like seals, Humboldt penguins, guanacos and condors.

Sighting of insects and birds

How to reach Tocache

Tocache by train

There are no passenger trains covering routes to or from Tocache.

Tocache by flight

The city of Tocache has an airfield that is used only for private flights and military operations. Tingo Maria’s airport is the nearest to Tocache, located 3 hours from the city by road. The airlines that operate in this airport are LCPeru, Latam, and StarPeru.

Tocache by bus

The distance from Lima to Tocache is 421.3 miles (678 km). The transportation companies that cover this route are Tepsa, Turismo Universo and Movilbus, with ticket’s prices from 60 to 155 soles. The average journey time is 17 hours. The schedule for the buses departure from Lima goes from 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Accomodations in Tocache

    Salon de Madera

    Location: In the corner of Jr. Tocache with Jr. San Martín
    Price: unknown

    Marin Hotel

    Location: Jr. Fredy Aliaga 141
    Price: unknown

Important dates in Tocache

San Juan Bautista Traditional feastJuneTraditional celebration that honors the patron saint of Tocache. The beauty queen directs the ceremony that includes a military parade near the Tocache river. Tourists can attend to the food festival and see the parade floats.
Banana’s FeastDecemberImportant celebration that honors one of the most important fruits in the amazon area. They organize food festivals, competitions of motokar and motocross, parades and also offer fireworks.
Tocache ExpoDecemberExhibition that shows the importance of cacao in the city and in the world. They invite special guests like expert bakers, chocolatiers, sommeliers and others to show dishes and cocktails elaborated with cacao.