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About Paramonga

Paramonga is one of the five districts of the Barranca province, located in the department of Lima. By the north it limits with the districts of Cualquioc and Huarmey, by the south it limits with the district of Pativilca, by the east it limits with the district of San Pedro, and by the west it limits with the Pacific Ocean. According to the historian Pablo Macera, Paramonga belonged to the third Chimu region, that was located from the Santa river to the Pativilca river. Paramonga is the first agroindustrial district in Peru. It has factories dedicated to generate the sugar cane products.

Paramonga Weather

Best time to visit Paramonga

The best months to visit Paramonga are april and may because they celebrate their traditional festivities. The residents organize religious and cultural activities like masses and dances.

Climate in Paramonga

Paramonga has a desert climate. The average annual temperature is 65.84°F (18.8°C). Febrary is the warmest month of the year, with an average temperature of 71.8°F (22.1°C), and august is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of 61.3°F (16.3°C). January is the month with the least precipitation and july is the month with the greatest precipitation.

Things to do in Paramonga

Nightlife in Paramonga

La Rockola video pub

Location: Calle Grau N° 4, near the P.N.P
Hours: unknown
Disco with a good atmosphere, perfect to party with your friends. They organize small concerts with rock bands.

Where to eat in Paramonga

La 506 Bufet

Location: Douglas stephen 506, Paramonga Hacienda
Hours: All sundays
Restaurant buffet that offers good lunches with several dishes and desserts.

The tourist places to see in Paramonga

La Fortaleza de Paramonga

Location: Over the Fortaleza river, near to the Paramonga’s town
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Stepped pyramid with four levels, it was built with adobe. It is located in a hill; it was an important shrine.

The things to do in Paramonga

Museo de Arqueologia y Antropologia de la I.E. 21577 de Paramonga

Location: Av. Alfonso Olivera Vidal s/n
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Museum with archaeological objects like pots, textile pieces, bone remains, the mummy of a child and others.

How to reach Paramonga

Paramonga by train

There is currently no passenger train service operating in Paramonga.

Paramonga by flight

The Jorge Chavez international airport is the nearest to Paramonga. It operates daily domestic and international flights.

Paramonga by bus

The distance from Lima to Paramonga is 124.5 miles (200.4 km), by the Panamericana Norte road. The average journey time is 2 hours 58 minutes.

Accomodations in Paramonga

    Las Terrazas Hospedaje

    Location: Avenida Chorrillos 547, interior 2, Playa Miraflores (a 13 km. de Paramonga)
    Price: From 61 soles
    Hotel located 1 minute from the beach. It offers rooms with TV, WiFi and private bathroom with shower.

Important dates in Paramonga

From april 29th to may 2ndTraditional celebration that honors the Señor de la Soledad. The residents organize religious and cultural events like masses and dances.