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Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Via Buss Express Buses

Key points to keep in mind while planning a trip with Via Buss Express

Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Via Buss Express BusesCheck out travel restrictions that apply to your source and destination.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Via Buss Express BusesBook bus tickets online in advance to avoid any physical contact.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Via Buss Express BusesCarry your personal hygiene items like hand sanitizer, tissues, and soap.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Via Buss Express BusesWear a mask all the time while you are on the Via Buss Express bus.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Via Buss Express BusesVia Buss Express may not be providing you a linen or blanket, so make sure to pack yours during a long trip.
Covid 19 Travel Advisory for Via Buss Express BusesDue to temperature checks and precautionary measures, buses may get delayed. Save some additional time for your trip

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Via Bus Express is an interprovincial transport company that has been accompanying travelers to their destinations for several years since their high-quality services make them trust Vía Bus Express a lot. This company indicates that the line of sight of its business is the customer. The satisfaction of all its users when getting off the bus is what they are looking for and its main objective is to retain the Peruvian public. To do this, they have the help of all their staff, who work as a group to make all travelers feel comfortable with Via Express Bus.

The Via Bus Express service can be perfectly defined in these 3 characteristics: attention, comfort and security. Attention is what they offer to all their clients thanks to their staff, who are always aware of everyone's needs. Providing comfort is the specialty of the Vía Bus Express, since the facilities of its buses promise a pleasant and comfortable trip. Finally, the company is very concerned about offering all possible security to its clients during the trip, for this they have state-of-the-art units and comply with all the regulations proposed by Peruvian law.

Via Bus Express has been in the market for years, but is dedicated to transporting passengers on the Lima - Chimbote and Chimbote - Lima route. Their departures are daily and have schedules on all shifts: morning, afternoon and night. This past summer, Via Bus Express opened a new route: Huarmey - Lima, the first being a city located in the department of Ancash that is famous among Peruvians for its excellent beaches. Departures are also daily, adding the time 1:30 AM for those travelers who want to experience Huarmey until the last moment before returning to the city.

Currently, Vía Bus Express offers 2 types of service. One is called Sofa Bed Service and the other is Bus Bed Service. The difference between them is that the former offers 160° and 140° reclining seats, while the latter only has 140° reclining seats. Both share facilities such as playing a movie on board, a snack available to the company, air conditioning, a USB charger and a chemical toilet. You can choose the type of service that best suits your needs, but you should bear in mind that the sofa bed usually costs a little more.

Regarding the Vía Bus Express buses, let there be no doubt that its fleet is modern and has the latest updates in its system so that your trip is safe. In the same way, it complies with all the security protocols required by the Peruvian State. On the road, drivers make sure to always drive at the allowed speed to avoid any accident. In addition, if there is any inconvenience during the trip regarding the route such as landslide, huayco or unpaved road, the drivers will be able to solve it given their high experience.

Via Bus Express has also implemented the parcel delivery service. That is, if you have a package that you want to send to the destinations they handle, now you can do it quickly and safely. You just have to go to the offices or agencies of Via Bus Express and ask about the service. The manager will weigh your package and offer you a quote. Remember that the shipping price will depend on the weight and destination of the order, and that it must be well registered so that there are no problems when it is received. Also remember to pack it well, especially if it is valuable or very fragile.

In addition to the above, in recent years Vía Bus Express has carried out 3 other types of services: money orders, staff transportation and transport for excursions. If you need to send a large sum of money, Via Bus Express offers you the possibility to do it safely. You just have to go to the offices and deliver the money you want to transport. The service has a cost, but it is usually cheap compared to other companies. Remember to count the amount that you are going to deliver, because once the ballot is made there is no longer a place to complain. You should also keep in mind that any counterfeit banknote or currency will be rejected or minced.

Also, if you have a large staff that must be transferred to provinces for work reasons, you can ask Vía Bus Express for a quote. You only have to send the number of people, the destination and the facilities you want on the bus. Via Bus Express will send you a proforma with the most suitable bus for employees and the final amount. This option is very helpful for those who have companies in the interior of the country, as happens for example in the mine business. It is the best way to transport personnel quickly and safely.

And finally, with Via Bus Express you can also request a personal transport if you go on an excursion or a walk. Sometimes large families go to spend their vacations in a club in the Sierra Lima, and it is common for tickets to be very expensive or the bus does not have the available seats that are required. To solve all these problems, it is best to hire a Vía Bus Express bus immediately and thus ensure that all members have a space and go happy. Many families have already tried this service and have been amazed, so we highly recommend it.

Finally, as the opinions of your customers are very important to Via Bus Express, remember that you can leave a suggestion or complaint in each of its offices. You can request the complaints book directly or speak to the administrator in charge in order to validate your suggestion or complaint. At the moment this option is not available on their website, but do not hesitate that they will reply to you as soon as possible if you send an email or write directly to their Facebook page.


Q: Does Via Bus Express have a reward system for your frequent customers?
A: At the moment, Via Bus Express does not have this type of program, however, you do not have to be discouraged. Follow them on their social networks and find out the latest news there. This way, when you launch the reward program, you will be the first to know.

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