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Turismo Santa Ana started its operations in June 2008; its an intercity bus company of passengers, which provide quality and ponctuality in its service. They have a modern fleet of buses with flexible schedules and rates in accordance with the market in different points of sale to improve the comfort of the client. The company has qualified drivers who are in constant training to provide security to each client, a task that also share their collaborators in order to provide a service of quality.

Information contact of Santa Ana

☎ Telephone number of Turismo Santa Ana: 989 311 155. Address: Av. Manco Capac 179, La Victoria, Lima. Email: / /

Turismo Santa Ana Bus Service On Board

  • 160° reclining leather seats (1st deck), 140° reclining seats (2nd deck), air conditioning, Toilets, reading light, TV / music, GPS, change of qualified pilots every 4 hours, first aid kit, fire extinguisher

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  • LIMA; Agencia Grau, La Victoria | Av. Grau Nro. 476; Telf: 989311155
  • LIMA; Agencia Luna Pizarro, La Victoria | Av. Luna Pizarro Nro 476. ; Telf: 959746354 / 989311166
  • LIMA; Agencia Tagore, Ate | Av. Marcos Puente Llanos Nº 220 Urb. Barbadillo; Telf: 989585453
  • LIMA; Agencia Huaycán, Ate | Jr. Huaycan Mz A Lt 7 Urb Los Portales; Telf: 989585458