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Turismo San Mateo began its operations in 2000, dedicating itself completely to the interprovintial transportation business. Its main destinations are Contumazá, Cascas, Chiclayo, Bagua, Imaza. It has minibuses as well as regular buses, panoramic buses with 180° reclinable seats. The company is known for the safety, punctuality and honesty of its service.


Turismo San Mateo has a modern fleet of minibuses and buses. They've got GPS Tracking and comply with all safety regulations.

Turismo San Mateo Bus Service On Board

  • Fabric seats reclining up to 140 °
  • GPS monitoring
  • First aid kit
  • Extinguisher
  • Reading light
  • TV / Music

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  • BAGUA; Agencia El Muyo; Av. Principal N° 249 - El Muyo - Aramango; Telf: 930882047
  • BAGUA; Agencia Imaza; Pasaje Progreso S/N (Frente a la tienda de artefactos Malca) - Imaza; Telf: 951572615
  • BAGUA; Agencia Chiriaco; Av. Principal N° 544 (Terminal Empresa de Combis Unidas) - Chiriaco; Telf: 986210772
  • BAGUA; Agencia Bagua; Av. Heroes del Cenepa N° 1308 (Terminal Terrestre de Bagua) - Bagua; Telf: 945379277