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Transporte Chanchamayo Bus Company

The bus company Chanchamayo is pioneer in the long-distance transportation through the highway Carretera Central. The company has more than 80 years of backup experience, and provides a high quality service that cares about the security and comfort to satisfy the needs and expectations of the passengers. Transportes Chanchamayo is focused mainly in providing the passangers transportation service, but also provides other related services. The company covers routes to Lima, Tarma (Junin), San Ramon (Chanchamayo) and La Merced (Chanchamayo). A distinctive sign of Transportes Chanchamayo is the experience on the way, the pilots have more than 20 years of experience in travelling and are constantly trained to carry out suitably in all the situations. The Transportes Chanchamayo fleet is formed by single decker buses that provide more stability and security than the double decker ones, specially in steep and sinuous roads where they circulate. They have a GPS tracker 24 hours a day, besides controls of the driver route and the actions he does, always keeping in mind the comfort and trust of the traveller. The communication between the operators and drivers is constant to provide the best quality of travel to the clients.

Information contact of Transporte Chanchamayo

☎ Telephone number of Transporte Chanchamayo: 265 6850 / 997 566 984. Email:

Transporte Chanchamayo Bus Service On Board

  • Single decker bus
  • Air conditioning
  • Seats reclinable up to 145°
  • GPS
  • 4 hours per shift drivers
  • TV / Music
  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher

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  • ● LIMA ; Agencia Nicolas Arriola | Av. Nicolas Arriola #535, Urb. Sta Catalina - La Victoria; ☎ Telephone: (01) 470-1189 / (01) 265-6850 / 997-566-981
  • ● LIMA ; Terminal Wanka-Salazar (Ate) | Av. Nicolas Ayllon N°139 - Ate Vitarte; ☎ Telephone: 959-258-455 / 977-666-664