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The bus company Transporte Nazareno Bus Express has over 15 years of experience and offers daily departures from Lima-Ayacucho / Ayacucho - Lima with a modern bus fleet. Through the Buscama and VIP services it provides a quality service which aims to gain the passengers trust.


The services the company provides and brought to the customers by trained personnel. The bus is tracked by GPS to ensure the driver never exceeds its speed limit and to make your trip comfortable and secure. The company has a compromise to care for your wellbeing and comfort with a quality service.

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    • LA VICTORIA ; Terminal Paramonga ; Av. Javier Luna Pizarro 251; Telf: 966198041
    • LA VICTORIA ; Agencia La Victoria ; Jr. Antonio Raimondi 530 ; 952000328 / 9459940592