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Expreso Nacional Bus Company

Expreso Nacional C. de P. S.R.L. It is a company with broad trajectory in the field of interprovincial transport. We have new and original buses to guarantee a comfortable trip and pleasant to our customers. Expreso Nacional buses are equipped with GPS Tracking, Cameras, Fire Extinguishers and First-Aid Kits for the safety of the passengers.

Information contact of Expreso Nacional

☎ Telephone number of Expreso Nacional: 999 038 480. Address: Av. José Carlos Mariátegui 594 y 596, El Tambo, Huancayo. Email: info@expresonacional.com

Expreso Nacional Bus Service On Board

  • Fabric seats reclining up to 160 °
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Air conditioning
  • SS.HH
  • Air extractor in SS.HH.
  • USB charger
  • GPS monitoring
  • First aid kit
  • Reading light
  • TV / Music

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  • ● LIMA; Agencia Luna Pizarro; Jr. Luna Pizarro 254 - La Victoria; ☎ Telephone: 950455267
  • ● LIMA; Agencia Huaycan; Carretera Central Km. 16.5 - Ate; ☎ Telephone: 999066713