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Use the search engine and find your Emtrafesa bus tickets. We recommend you buying Emtrafesa bus tickets online quickly! It is safer, faster, and you do not need to print your ticket or register at a travel agency.

Table of Contents

Emtrafesa's Telephone and Mail Information

  • Telephone ☎: (5144) 484120 / (5144) 471521
  • Email ✉: informes@emtrafesa.com

Payment methods

At redBus, you can choose the schedule and the seat you like the most, ensuring 100% secure and protected payments. You can pay through our site using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club credit or debit cards, and more.

Emtrafesa Bus Company

Emtrafesa is a well-known company that defines itself by its desire to satisfy the needs and expectations of passengers who use long-distance buses to travel. Emtrafesa is backed by a fleet of modern buses and is supported by a professional team who are highly trained. The operator strives to provide quality service that encapsulates their punctuality, concern for safety, and comfort.

Emtrafesa's Agencies

  • Trujillo; Terminal Trujillo - Av. Túpac Amaru 185, Urb. Huerta Grande; Telf. 484120 / 471521
  • Trujillo; Agencia Ovalo Mochica - Av.Nicolas de Pierola #05 Urb.Mochica- Trujillo; Telf. 044-233510
  • Trujillo; Punto de Venta - Av. La Rivera Sur #312 Huanchaco - Trujillo; Telf. 044-462383
  • Trujillo; Punto de Venta - Jr.Pizarro #476 Centro Historico - Trujillo; Telf. 044-235182 / 044-247049
  • Trujillo; Punto de Venta - Calle Paraguay #118 Urb.El Recreo - Trujillo; Telf. 044-226333
  • Trujillo; Punto de Venta - Jr.Orbegoso #363 Cercado Trujillo; Telf. 044-291957 / 949704675

Emtrafesa Onboard Services

Super Fenix1Reclinable seats to 165° grouped in 3, air conditioning, onboard services, Wifi, USB charger, music, video, restroom
Super Fenix2Reclinable seats to 165° grouped in 3, air conditioning, onboard services, Wifi music and video, restroom
Fenix Cama1Reclinable seats to 160° grouped in 3, air conditioning, onboard services, music and video, restroom
Fenix Cama2Reclinable seats to 140°, air conditioning, onboard services, music and video, restroom
Normal1Reclinable seats to 135°, air conditioning, restroom, music and video

Emtrafesa's Services

On the interprovincial transport service, Emtrafesa offers the Super Fenix, Fenix Cama, and Normal. The onboard services depend on the bus, but the bus fleet is equipped with air conditioning, a restroom, and reclinable seats. Other services performed by the Emtrafesa company are the transfer of people by minivan and delivery, both services are only available in Chiclayo and Trujillo. The first is a great option for those families or groups of people who want to take a ride inside the city and need a minivan. The second option is ideal if you want to send a parcel or order within the city, remember that the delivery time is only from 8:00 am to 6:30 p.m.

Emtrafesa's Routes

Currently, the routes that Emtrafesa covers are many, being the most popular in its inventory are: from Trujillo to Chiclayo and from Chiclayo to Trujillo. These two routes are some of the most popular in the north of Peru because they are two cities very famous among national and international tourists for their food and good sunny weather. For this reason, Emtrafesa saw in these two routes the possibility of providing safe and efficient transport that met all expectations at a price available to any pocket. Many tourists decide to buy their bus tickets in Emtrafesa because they recognize their quality service on either of these two routes.

Other destinations to which Emtrafesa goes are the following: Cajamarca, Chao, Chepén, Chimbote, Chocope, Ferreñafe, Guadalupe, Jaén, Lambayeque, Lima, Máncora, Nuevo Mocupe, Pacanguilla, Pacasmayo, Paiján, Piura, San Pedro and Tumbes. If you want to purchase an Emtrafesa bus ticket for any of these tourist places, you just have to click on our search bar and all the available schedules will appear. Choose the one that best suits your itinerary and voila !, remember that you have many options with Emtrafesa so that your trip is to your liking.

Emtrafesa's Bus Fleet

The bus company works with popular brands in the industry such as Marcopolo and Scania, with the according maintainance process to ensure the passengers and workers' safety.

About Emtrafesa Bus Company

Emtrafesa is an interprovincial transport company that was born on February 18th of 1961 thanks to a group of drivers who formed the committee number 25, which little by little began to acquire members until it reached 40 members in just its first years This project, however, had a pause due to a regularization of the Peruvian state, and was soon replaced by the Emtrafesa company, in which only some of the first partners were participating. This is how this small group of entrepreneurs acquired two buses. Volvo and toured the routes from Trujillo to Chiclayo and Chiclayo to Trujillo, starting a business that would last until today.

Emtrafesa's work can be described in 5 words: safety, ease, speed, comfort and confidence. There is no other company that provides a service as complete as Emtrafesa's. Throughout its career in the Peruvian transport sector, Emtrafesa has only wanted to satisfy the needs and expectations of his clients, which is why from the beginning Emtrafesa decided to operate under these 5 slogans and they do it in an excellent way. When buying your tickets and in its own bus service you will find that Emtrafesa is the best bus company that you can trust to get to know Peru.

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Does Emtrafesa offer discounts for its frequent customers?

Emtrafesa is a company that cares a lot about its frequent customers and its new customers. Therefore, it has discounts throughout the year that are open to both groups without distinction. In this way, no matter if you are a new or frequent customer, Emtrafesa will always have the best discounts for you. At the moment it does not offer any special benefit or discount for those travelers who have more than 2 purchases with them per year, but you can always keep an eye on their social networks. Remember that following them on their Facebook and Instagram is the best way to discover their new promotions.

What documents do I need to buy my Emtrafesa bus ticket?

In redBus buying your bus ticket is very easy and you need few documents to carry out your transaction. If you are Peruvian, you will only require the full name of the person who is going to travel, their DNI, a contact number and an email to which the ticket will arrive. If you are a foreigner, you will need to enter your passport number, as well as an email to which we will write you in case there is a change in your trip. Remember that these documents must also be presented at the terminal at the time of boarding so that they can verify your identity. And in case of a minor, it is necessary to present a legalized travel authorization by both parents in case you are going to board the bus alone.

¿Puedo adquirir mi pasaje de bus de Emtrafesa siendo extranjero?

¡Por supuesto que puedes! En redBus todos, tanto nacionales como extranjeros, pueden realizar la transacción sin ningún problema. El documento que debes tener a la mano al momento de la compra es el pasaporte, pues debes escribir el número que aparece en él. Recuerda que sin éste documento no podrás comprar realizar una compra a través de nuestro sistema, ya que al momento de abordar te pedirán alguna identificación. Si eres extranjero y vas a pasear por Perú, te recomendamos que revises los requisitos de cada región, pues en algunas zonas como la selva necesitas estar vacunado contra algunas enfermedades.

Can I purchase my Emtrafesa bus ticket as a foreigner?

Of course you can! In redBus everyone, both domestic and foreign, can make the transaction without any problem. The document that you must have on hand at the time of purchase is the passport, since you must write the number that appears on it. Remember that without this document you will not be able to buy, make a purchase through our system, since at the time of boarding you will be asked for some identification. If you are a foreigner and you are going to walk through Peru, we recommend that you review the requirements of each region, because in some areas such as the jungle you need to be vaccinated against some diseases.

What cities does Emtrafesa go to?

Emtrafesa goes to Cajamarca, Chao, Chepén, Chimbote, Chocope, Ferreñafe, Guadalupe, Jaén, Lambayeque, Lima, Máncora, Nuevo Mocupe, Pacanguilla, Pacasmayo, Paiján, Piura, San Pedro and Tumbes.

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