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"The company was created in 1986 by Francisco Gonz⭥z, the current owner and director general with the vision of unite nation, peoples and cultures. Their mission is to increase the quantity of destinations and provide the best transport service with the best fleet of buses. The compagny offers many services in relation to land transport for turists, starting with international interconexion from or to Lima. In 2006, Caracol create a second area, bus rental for the tourism market. In 2010, They provide special excursions, trips of 20 days in diferents country of South America. Finally, in 2014, with the new access to Machu Picchu from Hidroelꤴrica, Caracol is dedicated to this road. They bring every day tourists in minibus of 19 passengers. "


"The company provide a reliable and safe service dedicated to tourists. They have a modern feet which ensure your travel experience. "

Caracol Bus Service On Board

  • Seats sprinter
  • TV and Music
  • Air conditioning
  • GPS

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  • CUSCO ; Agencias Cusco ; Portal de Harinas 181 (plaza de armas) ; 0000000000
  • CUSCO ; Agencias Santa Teresa ; direccion km 120 via ferrea Aguas Calientes ; 0000000000