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About Tabalosos

This district is located in the province of Lamas, in the department of San Martín. Throughout the district the height, which ranges from 450 to 1200 meters. Tabalosos is surrounded by a wide vegetation, since it is next to the Mayo River.
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Travel tips for Tabalosos

- It is advisable to bring rep...ellent and safety pin for rain.
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Tabalosos Weather

Best time to visit Tabalosos

The best time to visit Tabalosos is between April and December, when the rainy season ceases.

Climate in Tabalosos

The climate of Tabalosos is warm, tropical and humid. It has a maximum temperature of 30 ° C and minimum of 18 ° C

Where to eat in Tabalosos

Accomodations in Tabalosos

Currently, we do not have information on cheap lodgings in Tabalosos.

Important dates in Tabalosos

Patronal Feast Virgin of the NativityFrom September 3 to 9It is the greatest celebration of Tabalosos. These days there are pilgrimage to the sumptuary, processions and typical parties.