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About Supe

Supe is a district located in the Province of Barranca, north of the Department of Lima. Given its geographical location, it has an of 45 meters. It has as an illustrious character Francisco Vidal Laos, first soldier of Peru who was part of the independence campaign.
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Travel tips for Supe

- Due to its proximity to the coast, it is recommended to brin...g sunglasses and sunscreen with UV protection if it is summer.
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Supe Weather

Best time to visit Supe

The best time to visit Supe is in summer, when you can enjoy its beaches. Between the months of December and April is when there is more sun.

Climate in Supe

It has a temperate climate during the year. The maximum temperature is 25 ° C and the minimum is 13 ° C

Where to eat in Supe

Accomodations in Supe

Caral Resort
Location: Avenida Francisco Vidal 140, Supe
Price: starting at 59 soles
The accommodation offers a swimming pool and barbecue area, and has free WiFi.

Important dates in Supe

Festival de la Ciruela de la Campiña de SupeApril 29thGastronomic festival that presents diverse local products made with plum and, also, different traditional dishes of Supe.
Anniversary of Proclamation of IndependenceMarch 29th to 30thOn this day, the independence of the district is commemorated. That day various activities are performed such as parades, festivals, serenade and fireworks.