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About Puquio

- Puquio was located in the area known as Ccollpamayu, where you can find archaeological ruins. The chronicler Garcilaso de la Vega narrated that this area was dominated by the Rucanas or Lucanas tribe. Then, they were dominated by Inca Roca. Others historians say that this area was dominated by Inca Viracocha (before the arrival of the Spaniards), and because he loved this place he made it a very fertile land. - In 1857 Puquio was named district and in 1957 it was called the capital of the province. In 1920 (in 29 days) they built the road from Nazca to Puquio, that has 99.4 miles of extension.

Travel tips for Puquio

-Because Puquio is located 2314 metres above sea level, you should avoid making too much physical effort (especially the first day) because you can have the altitude sickness. -Carry winter clothing because at night the cold usually increases. -Don’t drink water from the faucet because it may be contaminated. -Mototaxis are frecuently used to get around the city. You can also use regular taxis and buses. Mototaxi fare is usually between s/. 1.00 and s/. 2.00 depending on the distance. In collective taxis with other 3 or 4 strangers the price usually ranges between s/. 1 and s/. 3. It is more stable than the mototaxi but it might also be a bit dangerous. -As with all cities, it is recommended that you keep an eye on your personal belongings, dont trust strangers and dont stay out in remote areas late at night.

Puquio Weather

Best time to visit Puquio

The best months to visit Puquio are august and september because they celebrate the Water festival.

Climate in Puquio

The climate in Puquio is warm and temperate. Its temperature goes from 6°C to 18°C.

Things to do in Puquio

The tourist places to see in Puquio are:

Plaza de Armas

Location: Centro de la ciudad
Hours: todo el día
Price: Free entrance
The main square of the city preserves the architecture of the republic era. The buildings have beautiful wooden balconies and the trees have the form of alpacas and vicunas. It is a nice place where you can see the blue sky of the city.

Principal Church

Location: Near the main square
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Church located in the main square of Puquio. It was built in 1737. One part of the church has an earthy color and in the other part it is white.

Antonio Navarro Bullring

Location: At the borders of the city
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
Bullring with capacity for 4000 people. The Festivity of the Señor de la Ascencion is the most important event of this place.

Pampa Galeras National Park

Location: Km 89 of the route Nazca-Puquio
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
This national park was mainly created to preserve the vicuna from the indiscriminate hunting. In this place you can see vicunas, alpacas, Andean foxs, vizcachas, tarucas and others. Also you can see a forest of puyas Raimondi.

Cceronta termal baths

Location: In the borders of the city
Hours: All day
Price: Free entrance
These termal baths have between 104°F (40°C) and 131°F (55°C). These baths are recommended as a medical treatment for arthritis, rheumatism and skin diseases.

Qollpa Pampa termal baths

Location: In the borders of the city
Hours: unknown
Price: free entrance
These termal baths can reach the temperature of 140°F (60°C). They have high levels of sulfur; these kind of baths are recommended for skin diseases.

The things to do in Puquio

Trekking in Puquio

Location: On the outskirts of the city
The geography in Puquio is perfect to do trekking. You can see the nature and relax while you practice a sport.

Mountain biking

Location: Pampa Galeras National Park
It is a perfect sport to go across the forest and know its beauty. If you are not used to the climate is better if you don’t effort too much.

Nightlife in Puquio

Deja Vu Disco

Location: Jr. San Pedro
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown
This disco is perfect to party with your friends. It has a good atmosphere and it offers exotic cocktails. Also, it organizes music shows and theme parties.

Where to eat in Puquio

La Caleta Cevicheria and Karaoke

Location: Jr. 9 of December 276, Mariscal Castilla Avenue
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown

El Misitu

Location: 2 blocks from Mariscal Castilla avenue, near to the UGEL Lucanas
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown

Polleria Arco Iris

Location: Jiron Bolognesi 606
Hours: unknown
Price: unknown

Como Lo Como Pizza shop

Location: 1 block from the main square, near Comercial Varita
Hours: 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Price: unknown
In this restaurant you can eat delicious pizzas while you drink mate de coca. Also you can try the garlic bread.

Typical dishes in Puquio

Puca pucante

Spicy dish prepared with pork meat or lamb meat, rice, onion salad, lemon and tomatoes. Its named comes from a quechua word that means red.


Dish prepared with pieces of Andean cheese, rocoto, huacatay, milk and green onion. It can be served with potato or with other other dishes like rocoto relleno.


Soup created at the colonial era. It is prepared with wheat, ground corn, beef, onion, freeze-dried potato, broad beans and others. Some people add bread. It is very nourishing and it is perfect to overcome the cold.

Cuy chactado

Traditional dish prepared with guinea pig. It is marinated with lemon and fried with a special sauce with Colorado pepper. Locals add ingredients like ground peanuts, corn and egg.


Delicious soup prepared with potato, corn’s mote, lemon, rocoto, chopped green onion and the head of the lamb or the beef. It is a restorative dish.

How to reach Puquio

Puquio by train

There is currently no passenger train that has Puquio as a destination.

Puquio by flight

There is no airport in the city or in the nearby cities. Not a good transportation option.

Puquio by bus

The distance from Lima to Puquio is 379.1 miles (610 km). The transportation company that has this route is Wari Palomino; the ticket’s price goes between S/. 70 and S/. 140. The average travel time is between 9 and 12 hours. The buses depart are 8:30 am and 8:15 pm, from the bus station of Los Heroes avenue and Luna Pizarro in Lima.

Accomodations in Puquio

    Coralia Hotel

    Location: Jiron Arica 147 – Main Square
    Price: From 50 PEN
    Hotel for backpackers with good service. It offers comfortable rooms with private bathrooms, TV, hot water and bed linen. The WiFi can fail but it is not usual.

    Hotel Josuef

    Location: Near the main square, near Banco de la Nacion
    Price: unknown
    Hotel with good service, perfect for backpackers.

Important dates in Puquio

Señor de la Ascension FestivityMayTraditional event that honors the patron saint of the city. The locals organize cultural, religious, sport and agriculture activities. Also, they organize bullfights with international bullfighters and they make music shows with national artists that play Latin American music, cumbia and huayno.
Water FestivalBetween august and septemberVery important celebration in Puquio. In this event the aukis or priests give several gifts to the mother earth to show gratitude and to ask for rain so they can have good harvest. Locals organize dances, music shows and parades.