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About Naranjillo

Naranjillo is a city in the province of Leoncio Prado, in the Huánuco Region. The name of this city derives from when were no settlers and only wild plants known as naranjilla were found. Currently, it is known for its cocoa production.
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Travel tips for Naranjillo

- Care should be taken belongings and luggage.
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Naranjillo Weather

Best time to visit Naranjillo

The climate of Naranjillo does not vary much during the year, so any month is ideal for a visit.

Climate in Naranjillo

It has a maximum temperature of 30 ° C and a minimum of 17 ° C

Where to eat in Naranjillo

Accomodations in Naranjillo

El Patriarca
Location: Interoceanica Centro km 6.5, Naranjillo, Peru
Price: From 49 soles
The rooms include a seating area. There is tourist information about the area.

Important dates in Naranjillo

Anniversary of Naranjilloend of MayMain festivity in Naranjillo. During these days various cultural and sports activities are carried out.