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Table of Contents

About Islas Ballestas Tour Ica

The Ballestas islands is the name under which a series of islands of the South Pacific are known, they are very close to Pisco. They can be reached by boat, which leaves from Paracas and takes approximately half an hour to arrive. They are divided into 3 zones: north, south and center. In the Ballestas Islands you can find a large number of marine animals such as sea lions, Humboldt penguins and pelicans, hence the importance for their conservation.

Travel tips for Islas Ballestas Tour Ica:

- It is important to listen and follow the guide's instructions.

- Remember that you cannot disembark from the boat, this in order not to disturb the animals. Although they are accustomed to human presence, their space must always be respected.

- Always wear sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun. An umbrella is also a good option. 

Islas Ballestas Tour Ica Weather

Climate in Islas Ballestas Tour Ica: The Ballestas Islands are a place of hot and sultry weather, so it is recommended to be dressed lightly to withstand the heat. Such is its climate that the temperature can reach up to 29°C and hardly falls below 11°C. The winds usually appear around mid-May and are present until mid-December, these winds are usually accompanied by some sand.

Best time to visit Islas Ballestas Tour Ica: The best time to visit the Ballestas Islands is between March and June, since in these months the weather enters a transition from sultry to cool and / or comfortable. Thus, the traveler can enjoy a refreshing weather. In addition, during these months, the probability of rain is very minimal.

The tourist places to see in Islas Ballestas Tour Ica are:

We don't have information.

Adventure in Islas Ballestas Tour Ica:

In the Ballestas Islands you can live a day of full adventure thanks to a tourist trip to the islands. A boat picks up passengers from the coast of Paracas and takes them to the islands, this start can last up to 30 minutes. In this tour, people approach the marine fauna of the Ballestas Islands like, for example, the sea lions.

Nightlife in Islas Ballestas Tour Ica:

We don't have information.

Where to eat in Islas Ballestas Tour Ica:

There are no restaurants on the Ballestas Islands. In order to have a snack, eat breakfast, lunch or dinner, we suggest that the traveler drives to the city of Ica or the city of Pisco.

Typical dishes in Islas Ballestas Tour Ica:

● Morusa and spicy of pallares: The morusa is a preparation of yucca and potatoes that is accompanied with pieces of pork or beef, depending on the taste of the consumer. It is almost always served alongside pallares that have a cream of egg, cheese and milk.

● Frejol Colado: This dessert is served in different departments of Peru with Ica being one of them. It is made with beans that are boiled until a dough is made.

● Chapanas: Another dessert of Ica. They are prepared with yuccas, which should be soaked in water. The dough should be carefully removed from the pot and then, if it is the client's taste, add clove and cinnamon. 

How to reach Islas Ballestas Tour Ica

Islas Ballestas Tour Ica by bus: The Ballestas Islands cannot be reached by bus yet.

Islas Ballestas Tour Ica by train: Currently, there is no train routes to this destination.

Islas Ballestas Tour Ica by flight: Currently, there is no flight going to this destination.

Dropping Points in Islas Ballestas (tour Ica)

Here are some of the most popular dropping points in Islas Ballestas (tour Ica). Please note that these locations generally differ with each bus operator. The bus dropping points in Islas Ballestas (tour Ica) are as follows:

  • Islas Ballestas
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Accomodations in Islas Ballestas Tour Ica


● The Pacific Backpacker House

- Address: Av. Paracas Mz. G2 Lt. 3, Paracas.

- Price: From S/53.

- Services: It is a good place if you want an economical and comfortable accommodation. It is very close to the beach and you can stay in the shared rooms if you want to save even more.

● El Buen Samaritano Backpackers.

- Address: Asociación José de San Martin Mz J-1 Lote 6, Paracas.

- Price: From S/63.

- Services: A good option if you want to save on accommodation. Stay in a shared room at an even lower price and enjoy a morning in front of the sea.

● Hostel Kokopelli Paracas

- Address: Avenida # 128, Paracas.

- Price: From S/88

- Services: In this relaxing hostel you will spend a few calm days by the pool and it is very close to the beach. You can choose between private or shared rooms.


● Hotel Riviera Inka Paracas

- Price: From S/167.

- Services: A great place to relax and to enjoy the beach. In addition to having large and comfortable rooms, they serve a delicious breakfast.

● Gran Palma Paracas Hotel

- Price: From S/229.

- Services: A simple hotel but no less luxurious. Each room includes buffet breakfast and ocean view.

● San Agustin Paracas

- Address: Chaco de la Puntilla s / n, Paracas.

- Price: From S/319.

- Services: There is no way not to enjoy in this hotel. Not only does it have an outdoor pool, but it also has access to the beach and a restaurant where they serve amazing dishes.


● Doubletree Resort by Hilton Paracas

- Address: Lote 30-34 Urbanización Santo Domingo, Paracas.

- Price: From S / 656.

- Services: An elegant and luxurious hotel where you can wake up watching the Paracas Bay.

● Hotel La Hacienda Bahia Paracas

- Price: From S/734.

- Services: This hacienda is a great lodging to enjoy the beach and all the charms of Paracas. Enjoy the spa and pool.

● Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection Resort

- Address: Paracas S/N, Paracas.

- Price: From S/875.

- Services: A luxurious 5-star hotel that offers only the best. Relax with the suites and outdoor pools. 

Bus Operators Serving to Islas Ballestas (tour Ica)

There are many bus operators that provide services in Islas Ballestas (tour Ica). However, all bus companies on the redBus website are companies that offer comfortable buses, safety and convenience. Here are some of the most popular bus companies in Islas Ballestas (tour Ica):

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