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About Huaura

The first farmers that dominated the plains around the Huaura river where the ones that created the original Huaura settlement during pre-hispanic times. The life of this inhabitants was influenced by the rule of the Wari, Chanchay, Chimú and Inca civilization, which expanded to the area. During the Spanish incursion of the XVIth century, the valley was conquered and came to be divided into several encomiendas, although it kept a urban center which will support the spanish families that would come in the future. Viceroy Luis de Velasco gave the town the title of Villa de Carrión de Velasco (1597). The 12th of November of 1820, the Independentist Army arrived in the area with the objective of installing troops in the nearby haciendas. The 27th of november of that same year, Don José de San Martín proclaimed the Independence from the Duke San Carlos Balcony, now known as the Huaura Balcony, near 1 year before of the official proclamation of the Peruvian Independence. The locality of Huaura was declared as historical in 1954, due to the events of the Independence Campaign.

Travel tips for Huaura

- Huaura is located on the province of the same name, which is part of the Department of Lima, only 93 miles north of the capital. - If you plan on visiting Huacho or other cities of the “norte chico”, you can take combies for s/.0.50 or s/.1. The trip is only 10 minutes long. - Huaura is has really beautiful beaches. Make the most of the climate of this part of Perú and enjoy visiting them. We recommend you visit “El Centinela” beach. - Coastal cities present a bigger rating of solar radiation, so it is always good to use sunscreen to protect your skin. - In Huaura you will find collective taxis, mototaxis and combis who provide transportation. The cheapest one is the mototaxi, which usually costs between s/.0.50 and s/.1.50. Collective taxis can serve to cover greater distances or to carry heavy luggage, and will cost you between s/.4 and s/.8. Combis can take you to nearby cities such as Huacho in a shorter time, with an even cheaper price. - Huaura is exposed to the El Niño natural phenomenon, which in some cases can cause the río Huaura to flood, and even affect highways or buildings. We recommend you stay updated and informed of the changing weather conditions to prevent an unpleasant trip. - As with any other city, keep your personal belongings close and avoid wandering on your own late at night.

Huaura Weather

Best time to visit Huaura

The best time to visit Huaura is between the end of November and March, when the weather is warmest and the City Anniversary is held.

Climate in Huaura

The climate in Huaura is arid and warm. The average temperature is 66.2°F, with the max temperature being 71 El clima en Huaura se considera desértico y caluroso, con temperaturas que promedian los 19°F (máx. 71°F - min. 60.8°C).