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About Huacho

Huacho is a coastal city located north of Lima, in the Huaura province. Situated in an area once occupied by the Chancay culture. During the colonial era Huacho became a fishing outlet and a port that gained importance as the years passed by, also playing a vital role during the Independence Campaign as a supply point for the rebel navy. Viceroy Pezuela, in response, sent a detachment of troops that destroyed buildings in the city and tortured locals for information. However, José de San Martín arrived in Huacho with his army on november 10th 1820, and after a brief engagement succeeded in routing the loyalists. Oral tradition states that, as a symbol of gratitude to the people of Huacho, that San Martín declared the Independence of Peru in the Huaura Balcony on November 27th of that same year. Huacho is part of the “Norte Chico”, which comprisses the closest cities north of Lima, and is renowned for the salchicha huachana, a sausage with a special color and flavour due to the use of achiote. There are important touristic attractions nearby, such as the National Reserve of Lachay and the Bandurria Archeological Site.

Travel tips for Huacho

Mototaxis are frecuently used to get around the city. You can also use regular taxis and buses. Mototaxi fare is usually between s/. 0.50 and s/. 2.00 depending on the distance. Regular cabs range between s/. 3 and s/. 7, which may vary according to the distance. As with all cities, it is recommended that you keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times, dont trust strangers and dont stay out in remote areas late at night.

Huacho Weather

Best time to visit Huacho

The best time to visit Huacho is in the summer, so you can enjoy the beaches the city has to offer.

Climate in Huacho

The temperature can go up as high as 86 ºF in summer, and has an average of 74,48 ºF all year long.