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About Cataratas del Gocta

The Gocta waterfall, known locally as La Chorrera, is a waterfall located near San Pablo and Cocachimba, in the district of Valera, province of Bongará, department of Amazonas. These falls are one of the largest in the country, because they have a fall of 540 meters. To reach this destination, tourists have to go to Cocachimba and climb 2312 m.s.n.m. Throughout the road you can see a total of 22 waterfalls. In this way, you can observe several species of animals and plants, since they have registered approximately 110 species of birds. Among them, the gallito de las rocas, the Andean toucan and the spatula tail hummingbird stand out. There are also 20 species of mammals.

Cataratas del Gocta Weather

Best time to visit Cataratas del Gocta

The best time to visit the Gocta Falls is between the months of April and September, when the rains cease.

Climate in Cataratas del Gocta

The average temperature of the Gocta Falls ranges between 20 ° C and 11 ° C. Even though the climate is mild during the year, it often rains.

Things to do in Cataratas del Gocta

The tourist places to see in Cataratas del Gocta

Falls of the Gocta

Gocta descends in two falls: the first of 231 meters high and the second, 540 meters.

Where to eat in Cataratas del Gocta

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Nightlife in Cataratas del Gocta

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Walk to the Waterfall

To get to the falls you have to take a walk where you can see different species of animals and plants, which you can only find in the tropical ecosystem that Gocta offers .

How to reach Cataratas del Gocta

by train

Currently, there is no train routes to this destination.

by flight

To get to Gocta, you can go by plane to Chachapoyas. The airport is 5km from the city of Chachapoyas.

Cataratas del Gocta by bus

From Lima to Chachapoyas there are approximately 25 hours of travel by land. The cheapest ticket costs S / 80. After arriving in this city in the north of Peru, you should go to the town of Cocachimba.

Accomodations in Kuelap

    Currently, we do not have information on comfort hotels in Gocta.

Important dates near Gocta

Chachapoyas Tourist WeekFrom June 1 to 7In this event you can enjoy the delicious cuisine of the place and learn more about its history.
Patronal Feast of the Lord of GualamitaFrom September 10 to 15In this event the inhabitants carry out activities and celebrations that will make your stay unforgettable. These three days of celebration end with a feast of traditional food and drinks.