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About Chincheros

Chincheros could go back to 5000 years ago, when the first human groups of the region discovered the great potential that the territory had for the agricultural labors. Its sedentary culture soon made them develop technologies to strengthen the agriculture and increase the food production. With the passage of time, the region was settled by different cultures inhabitants, although just one of them dominated a big part of the territory. The Chancas were this culture, achieving the position as the biggest opponent of the Inca Empire expansion. The warlike history of the Pre-hispanic andean world takes the Chancas and Incas as the main examples since they were confronted for a long period of time, between the 13th and 15th centuries, due to the total control of the region. The conflicts left at the end 22000 chancas and 8000 incas casualties on the battle, being the winner at the end the powerful inca empire. Despite the defeat of the chancas, you can still appreciate their legacy on the archaeological remains and the architectural complexes that we find in Chincheros and surroundings.

Travel tips for Chincheros

-You should make the difference between Chincheros (in Apurimac) and the district of Chinchero (in Cusco). Both are beautiful places to make homestay tourism, but you should find out which one you want to know first.-Chincheros is part of the province with the same name, at the Apurimac department.To get around the town of Chincheros can be a pleasant experience, due to its geographic environment, a beautiful valley surrounded by green mountains. The main vehicle that you will find everywhere is the “mototaxi”, a vehicle of 3 wheels, that transports passengers. The average cost of the ticket is between s/1 to s/3.In Chincheros you won’t find a lot of problems to enjoy your trip, provided that you take elementary precautions, as not to go to places you don’t know or avoid showing valuable objects to unknown people. As in every little city, Chincheros has very safe streets, but also some that aren’t so safe. You should always ask to the locals for references of each place that you visit. They are very nice, so don’t don’t be shy!

Chincheros weather

Best time to visit Chincheros

The best period of time to visit Chincheros is in June and July, since the rains decrease significantly.

Climate in Chincheros

-The climate in Chincheros is warm and also temperate, with an average maximum temperature of 66.2 °F (19 °C) and a minimum of 41 °F (5 °C) in the coldest days of winter.

Things to do in Chincheros

Nightlife in Chincheros

Nightlife in Chincheros

Chincheros is a tourist destination of natural attractions, doesn’t have a lot of nightlife. We recommend you to do trekkings and practice eco-tourism, not to look for fun at night. But if you want to have a drink or dance, close to the downtown, near the Plaza de Armas, you will find some bars of night entertainment.

Where to eat in Chincheros?

Restaurante Arce

Location: Grau 333
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say

Restaurante El Chincherino

Location: Kennedy s/n
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say

Restaurante Gutierrez

Location: Kennedy 679
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say

The tourist places to see in Chincheros are:

Park of Recreation El Mirador

Location: it’s in the highest part of the historical center
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: free entrance
Are you a passionate of the birdwatching or contemplating landscapes? If you go to the viewpoint you will find a natural environment from where you can obtain que best view over the city; it’s a must-see of the experiences album.

Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Cocharcas

Location: on the east side of the Plaza, facing the Pampas river
Hours: doesn’t say
Price: doesn’t say
The meaning of the term cocharcas comes from the quechua and means bog, name referred to the settlement place, due to its puddly geography. The construction of the temple dates from the middle 17th century, and was chosen as home and pilgrimage of the Virgen de Cocharcas image.

Valle de Pampas

Location: at 28 mi (45 km) from the city of Chincheros
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Price: free entrance
The Valle de Pampas is a natural area that the river Pampas cross, located at more than 2000 meters above the sea level. Its climate is very nice, since it favours a production of exquisite fruits, among the ones stand out the avocado, sugar cane, banana, orange and many others. The landscape of the valley is useful as frame for agriculture and livestock and handicraft fairs or cultural events of different type.

The things to do in Chincheros

Adventure sports in the Pampas Valley

Location: at 28 mi (45 km) from Chincheros
Besides offering its beautiful landscapes and fertile lands, the valley has a variety of resources for practicing different adventure sports as paragliding and canoeing. You can also do sports in open-air as trekking, swimming and even handmade fishing. Go and visit the valley and enjoy the possibilities that the province of Chincheros has to offer.

Typical dishes in Chincheros

Cuy relleno

The typical dishes of Chincheros maintain the culinary tradition of the andean towns, so the plates of the andean region and the ones of Chincheros cooking are similar. “Cuy relleno” is a different way of preparing the traditional guinea pig, using huacatay, mint and pork fat when frying it.


Another dish that worth it is the huatia, a similar plate to the “pachamanca”, prepared with potato and herbs on a warm stone. To prepare it a hole is dug in the land to put the stones to warm them. On the flat surface they put herbs, and then potatoes recovered with leafs and herbs, and they leave it to be cooked on steam.

How to reach Chincheros

Chincheros by train

There isn't nowadays a railway to or from Chincheros.

Chincheros by flight

The city of Chincheros doesn’t have its own airport, the nearest airport is the Aeropuerto of Andahuaylas, located in the city with the same name. The distance between Andahuaylas and Chincheros is 49,7 mi (80 km) and the trip takes about 2 hours, so it’s not a very interesting route. The main airline that operates in the airport is LCPeru that has 8 flights a week.

Chincheros by bus

You can get to Chincheros by the buses of Wari Palomino, travelling from Lima in about 13 hours. The price of the bus tickets goes from s/ 130 to s/ 150, although it depends on the season. We hope that you enjoy the experience of knowing Chincheros, since you can’t always know unique places as this destination.

Accomodations in Chincheros

    Hotel Don José

    Location: Jr. Andahuaylas 240
    Price: doesn’t say

Important dates in Chincheros

Fiesta Patronal de la Virgen de Cocharcas(December the 8th)Known also as the Fiesta de la Reina de los Andes Peruanos is celebrated since the 17th century, due to the miracle events that are attributed to her; all of it encouraged the popularity among hundreds of followers of the Chincheros province and surroundings. From December the 7th to 8th take place ceremonies of religious kind and routes to pilgrimage the image saint through the main points of the city.

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