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About Chavinillo

Chavinillo is a village of Yarowilca and is located in the department of Huánuco. This territory se...rved as a resting point for those who travelled between the Conchucos Alley and the city of Huánuco.
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Travel tips for Chavinillo

- Pack a mosquito repellent to protect the skin of the bites and possible infections. - In Chavinillo the daily transportation is... the taxi. Before aboarding one, remember to ask for a referential price to someone of trust, this way you can avoid being scamed.
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Chavinillo Weather

Best time to visit Chavinillo

The best time to visit Chavinillo is between november and january because in this months the temperature doesnt decrease to less than 4°C.

Climate in Chavinillo

Chavinillo is a village with a fresh weather, that can be cold between june and september. Usually the temperature does not surpass the 19°C.