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About Casma

The ancient inhabitants of the first Casma built a small town in the mountains of Sechin and Mojeque within the valley of that same name, away from the current location of the settlement. It began as an important cultural center and a military stronghold during prehispanic times. Casma was occupied by the Chimú culture, an empire founded by a second wave of central american inmigrants which arrived at the peruvian shores. Afterwards the kaswas destroyed the first settlement, so it was rebuilt near the slopes of Sechín.

Travel tips for Casma

It is important that you carry sunscreen, repellent, summer clothes, swimwear, a coat and sneakers. As in any other city in the world, is recommended that you stay close to your personal belongings.

Casma Weather

Best time to visit Casma

The best time to visit Casma is in July, due to anniversary of the city, in which you can participate.

Climate in Casma

Casma has a warm and arid climate. Its average temperature is of 71.6 °F, thats why it is known as "The City of the Eternal Sun".