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About Cascas

Cascas is the capital of the Casas District, located on the La Libertad Department. Its principal economy activty is the vine harvest and the wine production, reason why since 2013 is considered t...he Capital de la Uva y el Vino. The grape harvest fair is the principal festivity, and it is organized by the Regional Government of the Libertad, privates companies and wine farmers and producers.
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Travel tips for Cascas

- As any other trip, we recommend to be careful with... your belongings and not loose sight of your luggage.
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Cascas Weather

Best time to visit Cascas

Cascas maintain a warm weather during the year; nevertheless, the sunny season is between december and april. Those months are the best time to visit Cascas.

Climate in Cascas

The average temperature is 18.5°C, having the maximum temperature of 24°C and minimum of 12°C.