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About Bagua

Bagua is a province of the departament of Amazonas, it belongs to the Utcubamba valley. It is believed that the name comes from an old civilitation of the Caribe that called "bagua" to their rivers and seas.

Travel tips for Bagua

- You should pack summer clothes to be able to endure the hot sun of Bagua. Also, it is important to bring along a bottle of watter to keep your skin mousterize. - The mototaxi is the most common transportation in Bagua. Before abording one, its important to ask for a referencial price to your turist guide. - You should avoid walk in the jungle alone. Ita dangerous space for the inexperienced

Bagua Weather

Best time to visit Bagua

You should visit Bagua between may and july, during this time the temperature decreases.

Climate in Bagua

Bagua is known for its incredibly hot weather and its frequent rains. The temperature here can reach 33°C.