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About Atico

Atico is a district of the province of Caravelí, located in the departament of Arequipa. Atico is six away from the capital of Arequipa and it was created during the mandate of Nicolás de Piérola in 1987.
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Travel tips for Atico

- Due to the high altitute of Atico, is very possible that you can suffer from soroche, a sickness that causes vomit and headache. You can buy a pill in the nearest drugstore and drink a lot of... hot cocas tea. It is also recommendable to rest on the first day and eat lightly. - During the night and the early morning Atico can be cold, so you need to carry a pair of jackets to eb warm.
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Atico Weather

Best time to visit Atico

The best time to visit Atico is on the warm season, between june and october.

Climate in Atico

Atico is a district with a very nice weather, known in the country because of its constant sun. The temperature here can reach 26°C.