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About Aguaytia

Aguaytía is a city located in western Peru. It is the capital of the Padre Abad Province in the Department of Ucayali. It is situated at the banks of the Aguaytia River, halfway between Tingo María ...and Pucallpa. The city is surrounded by touristic attractions due to the exotic geography of the Amazon area, which make it an interesting place for people travelling through the peruvian rainforest.
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Travel tips for Aguaytia

If you are travelling to Aguaytia and other rainforest areas it is mandatory to take a vaccine against the yellow fever. In cities and towns in the peruvian Amazonia you will be able to find mototaxis wh...ich offer low cost transportation through the city. Aguaytia is small, so you won’t have much of an issue travelling on foot. Due to the weather, it is recommended you bring light and waterproof clothing.
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Aguaytia Weather

Best time to visit Aguaytia

Aguaytia is an attractive destination all year long.

Climate in Aguaytia

Aguatia has a tropical climate, very warm with frequent rain all year long. The average annual temperature in Aguaytia is 78.6°F, with an average annual precipitation of 5011 mm.

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