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About Abancay

The territory of Abancay was settled long time before the inca’s expansion. The city was founded as a Spanish colony in 1574 by Ruiz de Estrada, under the name of Amancay (or Villa de Santiago de los Reyes). The origin of the name comes from the adaptation of Amankay, a native flower of the region. In the colonial period it was an important commercial exchange center due to its location between the mountains and the coast. It was also the scene of the uprising of Micaela Bastidas and her husband Tupac Amaru II in 1781, who looked for releasing Peru from the Spanish oppress...ion without success; however, they made history as predecessors of the American Independence. For long time Abancay was part of the Cusco department until the creation of the Apurimac department in 1873. During the republican period Abancay achieved the category of city. Due to the attendance of foreign families and families from other territories in Peru, the city had a urban, social and cultural configuration, rich in diversity, what made of Abancay a modern metropolis in constant development. Nowadays Abancay is one of the most settled cities of the Apurimac department.
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Travel tips for Abancay

-It’s located at 2398 meters above the sea level. Prepare for the altitude sickness with Sorojchi Pills, alcohol and mineral water.-Lots of travellers take advantage to get to know Abancay on their way to Cusco (from Lima, Huancavelica or Ayacucho), since it’s located at 124 mi (200 km) and 4 hours from the imperial city.In Abancay you can get around by foot for the short stretches, by “colectivo” (combis or taxi for t...he long stretches, and tours by bus to the tourist attractions on the surroundings of the city). You will find all you need for your travel nearby, since distances are quite short.Abancay is, due to its geographic location in a wild territory and climate surrounding, a city that presents natural risks as landslide, droughts and floods, among others. We recommend not to explore the highest hills during the rainy seasons.
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Abancay weather

Best time to visit Abancay

-The best date to visit Abancay is in the carnival period (in April).

Climate in Abancay

-The climate in Abancay is temperate and warm depending on the season. The dry season is from April to November.-The temperature is between 73.4 °F (23 °C) and 51.8 °F (11 °C), with intense rains from December to March (you should bring raincoats and umbrella for those dates).

The things to do in Abancay

Tradition and History are waiting for you in Abancay, known as the "valley of the eternal spring", due to its temperate weather. Its located between the main routes and highways which connect different cities in the region: the highway of Caminos del Inca and Los Libertadores. During the last years Abancay has experienced a big economic growth and its a major city with a high variety of resources for the development of the tourist activity inside and outside the city. The main tourist attractions for the lovers of nature, adventure and archeology are the national Sanctuary of Ampay, the... natural reserve of flora and fauna placed in the South-Est of Peru, that is border between The Andes and the Amazon Basin; the archeological complex of Saywite, an old ceremonial center of the incas period, where you can find the Saywite monolith; the thermal waters of Cconoc, next to the Saywite complex, are wonderful for the relief of many sicknesses and the visitors rest. Abancay is in addition a focus of the regions culture and ethnic wealthy, because they celebrate a carnival, one of the most important carnivals inside the country during the carnival period from February to March.
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Accomodations in Abancay

Hotel Abancay
Location: Av. Nuñez 705
Price: from s/ 61 to s/ 91 (breakfast included)
At the hotel pets are accepted, the hotel has wifi, garage and a bar. The rooms have room service, TV, safe box and are well furnished (the most expensive have a minibar and woderful views over the city).

Important dates in Abancay

Día Patronal del Señor de la Caída(January the 13th)It’s a day celebrated during the eve of the launch of fireworks and the burning of pyrotechnic castles. On the central day there is a mass and the procession of the Señor de la Caida, when the emblem image is taken through the streets, accompanied by a music band and fervent followers. The route finishes with gastronomy fairs, exhibition of typical dances and an open-air dance.
Carnival of Abancay(February-March)As in other cities in Peru, Abancay celebrates the carnival with typical colorful dances and troupes that go across the city. During this carnival you can participate of the “yunsa”, a tradition consisting of dancing around a tree and the people hit the tree with an axe until it falls down.
Fiesta de la Virgen del Rosario(October the 7th)It’s one of the most important religious festivals of Abancay, celebrated with processions in all the streets of the city, fireworks and masses in the honor of the Virgen del Rosario. The “mayordomos” (people who organize those festivals) cover the costs of the food and the main services of the festival, as music bands and fireworks.
Anniversary of Abancay(November the 3rd)In this day the celebration is due to the ascent of Villa de Abancay to the category of city. In all the department is celebrated this anniversary, full of fairs, dances exhibition, cultural activities and taste of the most delicious dishes of the Abancay gastronomy.


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