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The Terminal Yanahuanca, located in the city of the same name, is a small terminal that receives a lot of tourists every month.

Address of the Terminal Yanahuanca

■ Address of the Terminal Yanahuanca: Jr. Miguel Grau S/N, Yanahuanca.

How to reach Terminal Yanahuanca?

By Taxi: If you are getting late to the Terminal Yanahuanca, you can take a taxi. It is safe and fast, however the rate can be a little bit more expensive than other ways of transport.

By public transport: It's impossible to reach the Terminal Yanahuanca by public transport.

Terminal Yanahuanca Buses Information

Bus operators asociated with redBus that operate in the Terminal Yanahuanca: There is 1 bus operator asociated with redBus serving daily on the Terminal Yanahuanca.

What are the bus types you avail at Terminal Yanahuanca?: Economic Buses (120°), Semi Bed Buses(145°), Bed Buses (160°), Super Bed Buses (180°).

Amenities at Terminal Yanahuanca

Terminal Yanahuanca has ticketing, waiting room, luggage storage facilities, touring center, cafeteria, ATM, bathrooms and security staff.