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Bus From San Marcos

RoutesNumber Of BusesFare Starts From (PEN)
San Marcos to Tomas Valle156.00VIEW PRICE
San Marcos to Lima156.00VIEW PRICE

Bus To San Marcos

RoutesNumber Of BusesFare Starts From (PEN)
Lima to San Marcos156.00VIEW PRICE
Javier Prado to San Marcos156.00VIEW PRICE
Tomas Valle to San Marcos156.00VIEW PRICE

About San Marcos

San Marcos was founded with the name San Marcos de Gollanapincos, is a peruvian city located in the province of Huari, in the deparment of Ancash. It is said that the city was founded during the spanish conquest by the spaniard Martin de Mendoza, one of Almagro’s sympathizers who fled the defeat at the Battle of Salinas in 1538. After a pilgrimage, he arrived at the valley and founded San Marcos de Gollanapincos in memory of the Patron Saint of its homeland in Spain.Currently, it is a very productive city due to the mining activities located 6.2 miles (10 km) from San Marcos downtown. The climate in San Marcos is temperate. During the Andean summer, from May to September, the temperature goes from 59°F to 77°F, and at night the temperature goes from 50°F to 41°F. In winter, from November to March, the temperature goes from 64.4°F to 39.2°F. 

Popular Bus Operators in San Marcos

There are a number of operators who provide valuable transport services in San Marcos. Every bus comes with neat and clean interiors. They also ensure that every passenger's comfort and safety is a top priority at all times. Some of the popular bus operators are:

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Travel tips for San Marcos

- It is recommended that you carry light clothing for the day and warm clothing for the night, a waterproof jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, trekking shoes and a hat.

- Also, like in any other city, you have to be careful with your valuable objects.

Best time to visit San Marcos

The best month to visit San Marcos is October because they celebrate the festivity of the Virgen Peregrina. The celebrations last one week, the locals organize masses, processions and cultural activities. 


Q: I forgot to buy my return ticket, where will I find counter that can help me?
A: The vast majority of terminals have an area for buying and selling tickets. There you can buy your return ticket with the company of your choice. You can also buy your return ticket through the redBus mobile app, it is easy, fast and you do not need to register. In addition, we accept various payment methods.
Q: How many hours in advance should I buy my ticket?
A: This information varies depending of the policies of each bus operator and the number of seats available. Our recommendation is to buy your ticket two days in advance.
Q: How can I know the bus operators that go to or from San Marcos?
A: In redBus, you can find that information in the section of Popular Bus Operators. There you’ll find the popular bus operators which we work with and that go to or from San Marcos.
Q: Can I choose the type of bus with which I want to travel?
A: Of course you can! You’ll see the many options that the bus operators offer when you complete the search bar with your pick up point, destiny and onward date.
Q: How many hours in advance should I be in San Marcos to change my e-ticket?
A: It is recommended to be with 1 hour in advance at the counter of San Marcos to be able to change your ticket of redBus for that of the bus operator.
Q: What happens if the bus does not leave at the time my ticket dictates and / or is canceled?
A: These logistical problems and their solutions need to be consulted directly in the counter of the bus operator.