Terminal Tumbes to Máncora Bus


Civa Bus Company

Civa is a company founded in the city of Piura, with over 40 years in the market. Civa specializes in the ground transportation of passengers, courier and shipping (thanks to an improved service of buses civa). We have the largest number of destinations and routes nationwide. We are the first company with an entire fleet of 180Рbed-seat buses: our Excluciva service has fully reclining seats. Additionally, our new service Superciva, is the only service with different bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen.

Information Contact of Civa

● TUMBES ; Tumbes Agency, Tumbes ; Tumbes Norte Nº 518 - Tumbes || Working hours: 07:00 - 22:00 ; 972-719-262 / 972-730-019 / 072-525-561 / 072-525-120.

● MÁNCORA ; Máncora Agency (Talara), Piura ; Piura Nº 472 - Máncora || Working hours: 08:30 - 19:45 ; 969-714-207 / 073-258-086.

What to do during the Terminal Tumbes to Máncora route on Civa buses?

Seats reclinable up to 160° on the 1st floor, Seats reclinable up to 145° on the 2nd floor, Air conditioning, Toilets, Hostess on board, TV and music, Food service, 4 hours per shift drivers, GPS.

Tourist attractions of Máncora

Pocitas Beach. This destination is perfect for tourists because of its natural pools, in which you can bathe without problems.

Punta Sal Beach. This beach is one of the most popular in the north due to the various activities that can be done here, such as diving, surfing or fishing.

Vichayito beach. A deep beach that is usually visited for scuba diving.