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Santa Cruz to Chiclayo Bus Service

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Santa Cruz
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Transportes Pasamayo

Travel by Bus from Santa Cruz to Chiclayo

Chiclayo is one of the most popular cities in the north, so it is no surprise that national and international travelers want to visit it. Going by bus to this spectacular place allows everyone to see the landscape, which is made up of beautiful and sunny beaches as well as colonial-style houses and many piers. If you start from Santa Cruz, finding a bus is very easy since it is a highly sought after and purchased route, so it should not be a problem.


Santa Cruz

  • Santa Cruz


  • Terminal Terrestre Ormeno

About Chiclayo

Chiclayo is a city located in the department of Lambayeque, very popular due to its beaches. It is currently the fourth most populous city in Peru and has 3 urban districts: Chiclayo, La Victoria and Leonardo Ortiz. It was founded in 1720 by Spanish conquerors and in its beginnings it functioned as a resting place for merchants. Formerly it was the home of the Moche civilization, which are known for their hydraulic engineering. It was during the republican era that Chiclayo began to gain importance within the northern communications network, becoming a very important city for the development of the Peruvian north.

Time of travel from Santa Cruz to Chiclayo

Getting from Santa Cruz to Chiclayo takes around 7 hours, so we mean a short and very safe route. To get to Trujillo the bus goes through the Panamericana Norte highway and the 1N highway, in addition to paying some tolls, which are assumed by the bus company that is chosen to make the trip. During the journey you can see many natural landscapes that are typical of the Peruvian coast, such as the beaches.

Climate of Chiclayo

Chiclayo is a northern city characterized by a hot and muggy climate, something common in northern Peru. The hottest time occurs during summer, from January to April. These days the temperature can go up to 31 ° C. The best time to travel to Chiclayo would be from June to October, as it is the coolest season due to the temperature of 17 ° C.

Hotels in Chiclayo

● Hostal Muchick

- Address: Av. José Balta 2337, José Leonardo Ortiz.

- Rate: From S / 38.

- Services: A small hotel that has nothing to envy others. Beds are comfortable and facilities very clean.

● Hostal Seven

- Address: Inti Raymi 1112, La Victoria

- Rate: From S / 47.

- Services: It has bathrooms with hot water and spacious rooms with closets. Ideal for those who want to enjoy without paying much.

● Primavera Hotel

- Address: Calle Juan Cuglievan 1256, Chiclayo.

- Rate: From S / 74.

- Services: A large building with very friendly and hospitable staff.

● Hotel La Posada del Ingles

- Address: Carretera a Pimentel Km.5.9 - Pimentel.

- Rate: From S / 135

- Services: An excellent hotel, very cozy, with an outdoor swimming pool for bathing on sunny days.

● Aura Hotel

- Address: January 7, 364, Chiclayo.

- Rate: From S / 148.

- Services: A great hotel that has excellent facilities, perfect for the price.

Restaurants & Bars in Chiclayo

● Restaurant La Parra

- Address: Calle Manuel María Izaga 752.

- Services: Ideal if you want to try barbecued or grilled chicken, but they also have typical dishes.

● Restaurant Hebrón Restaurant & Grill.

- Address: Av. Balta 605.

- Services: If you want to vary the gastronomic proposal, here you can try grills at a very good price.

● Luna Llena Restaurant

- Address: Miguel Grau 1086.

- Services: Located on a main avenue, it is the perfect place to try Peruvian Chinese food in Chiclayo.

● Barranquiito

- Address: Alfredo Lapoint 360.

- Services: A small place that has a relaxing atmosphere and live music every weekend.

● Rock Station.

- Address: Av. Santa Victoria 688.

- Services: Here there is an excellent combination of rock music with ceviche.

The most tourist places in Chiclayo

● Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum: One of the most important tourist sites because it shows the tomb of the Lord of Sipán in all its splendor. It has a variety of gold pieces, visitors can see ceramics and jewelry that were designed in those times It has a pyramid-like design.

● Pimentel Spa: The perfect place for lovers of extreme sports such as windsurfing or surfing. It is beautiful for tourists because its houses have a colonial and republican style, which contrasts with the waves of the sea. Here are also the artisanal fishermen who roam the sea with the reed horses.

● Zaña Ruins: It is 46 kilometers from Chiclayo, to the southeast. They are the remains of an ancient city that, according to legend, had a strong economic income during its time. A river overflow in 1720 was what destroyed part of the buildings, but today you can still see remains of churches and convents.

Important city dates of Chiclayo

● April 18 - Chiclayo Anniversary: In 1835, on this day, Chiclayo was created thanks to José Leonardo Ortiz. For this reason, the authorities carry out all kinds of social and cultural events for the residents.

● July 22 - Feast of the Divine Child of the Miracle: It is also called "the party of half a year". The Divine Child appeared several opportunities in religious hosts, from there to honor him.

● August 2 - Feast of the Cross of Chalpon: Legend has it that a Franciscan appeared in a town, who went to mass and baptized. Shortly afterwards it was discovered that this Franciscan built three crosses, two of which were installed in the region. One of them is Chalpon.

How to move around Chiclayo?

To move around in Chiclayo, the tourist has 2 options: public bus, commonly regulated by the municipality or the authority in charge, or taxi, driven by a citizen who provides the service.

● Public bus: It is the most popular way of transporting within the city, as well as being very economical. The fare, also called a ticket, does not usually go up from S/5 per person. The public bus has different stops where it picks up passengers, so the trip can be a bit slow.

● Taxi: This is the fastest way of transport within the city. It does not have stops, so it goes straight to the desired destination. You can contact it on the avenue or by calling a company or through an application. The rate here is usually higher, usually exceeding S/10.

How to get to Chiclayo?

● Chiclayo by bus: Arriving by bus in Chiclayo is considered a tradition in Peru because it is one of the most popular routes since the ground transportation service began.

● Chiclayo by train: Currently there is no train that reaches Chiclayo due to the few tracks that Peru has.

● Chiclayo by plane: It is possible to get to Chiclayo by plane since here is the Chiclayo International Airport, with which many travelers have easier access. It is only necessary that the point of origin has an airport with connections to Chiclayo.

Terminals in Santa Cruz and Chiclayo

  • Santa Cruz.
  • Terminal Terrestre Ormeno.

Operators of the route Santa Cruz to Chiclayo

  • Transportes Pasamayo.

About Chiclayo

Chiclayo is one of the most interesting cities in Peru, not only because of its tourist attractions but also because of the warmth of its people and its rich cuisine. It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations for any traveler. If it is the first time that you are traveling to this city, the preferable thing to do would be to stay for a minimum of 3 days to help you explore it thoroughly.

About the route to Chiclayo

redBus offers the most convenient way to travel by road to Chiclayo. Chiclayo is a favorite destination spot for travelers and people who want to spend a little vacation time and enjoy special moments and experiences. Travel time usually varies depending on the amount of traffic, weather conditions and road conditions.


What clothes should I wear in Chiclayo?

To have the best vacations in Chiclayo it is recommended to pack summer clothes, since the climate here is quite hot. In addition, you can also wear slippers or sandals, since hiking boots are not necessary.

Can I have soroche in Chiclayo?

It is very unlikely that travelers suffer from soroche in Chiclayo because it is a city with an average height. However, if you still want to be protected, you can take a pill.

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