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Piura to Terrapuerto Trujillo Bus Service

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Terrapuerto Trujillo
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Travel by Bus from Piura to Terrapuerto Trujillo

Trujillo is the ideal city to spend the holidays, that is why many Peruvians visit it during the summer or when they have a couple of days off. Whether for the food or for its attractions, it is a good place to rest. Due to their great popularity, bus operators always have available schedules to go there, so it is not a problem to find a schedule that suits the traveler's itinerary.



  • Terminal Piura

Terrapuerto Trujillo

  • Terrapuerto Trujillo

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    About Terrapuerto Trujillo

    Trujillo is a city in the department of La Libertad, being the third most populated in all of Peru. Many cultures lived here, such as Chimú or Mochica, which left important huacas that are preserved to this day. The city was founded by Diego de Almagro himself in 1534 and soon became the home of the northern encomenderos. Trujillo was also the city that welcomed the ideas of independence along with Lima, which is why they have several heroes such as José Faustino Sánchez Carrión. It gained independence in 1820 and has prospered to this day, especially in the area of tourism.

    Time of travel from Piura to Terrapuerto Trujillo

    Traveling from Piura to Trujillo is one of the most popular routes during the summer or during the mid-year holidays. The bus goes through excellent cities like Catacaos, where it is possible to make stops if the bus company allows it. The estimated time to get to Trujillo from Piura is 6 hours and 50 minutes, a perfect time for the traveler to rest and be encouraged seeing the beautiful landscapes that the Peruvian north offers.

    Climate of Terrapuerto Trujillo

    All the travelers who go to Trujillo agree that it is a city with a very intense summer. During these months, from January to April, the weather is hot and full of embarrassment since the temperature reaches 26 ° C and does not drop below 21 ° C. That is why it is ideal if you want to travel to enjoy the summer. Otherwise, you can go from July to October, where the weather becomes cooler.

    Hotels in Terrapuerto Trujillo

    ● ENKANTA Guest House

    - Address: Jirón Independencia 341, Trujillo.

    - Rate: From S / 40.

    - Services: Located in the Historic Center, it is an excellent place to rest and have basic amenities at a very good price.

    ● Clara's House.

    - Address: Cahuide 495, Trujillo.

    - Rate: From S / 61.

    - Services: A house rearranged to serve as a hostel. It is very cozy and the staff very friendly.

    ● Hostal Los Rubíes

    - Address: Los Rubies, Trujillo.

    - Rate: From S / 67.

    - Services: A hostel with a very nice facade that has clean and very spacious rooms.

    ● QP Hotels Trujillo

    - Address: Av. El Golf 682, Trujillo.

    - Rate: From S / 112

    - Services: A great hotel located in an excellent street. It has very luxurious rooms and a swimming pool inside.

    ● Gran Recreo Hotel

    - Address: Jirón Estete 466, Trujillo

    - Rate: From S / 200.

    - Services: A luxury hotel where there is room service. They also have a heated pool.

    Restaurants & Bars in Terrapuerto Trujillo

    ● Restaurant El Mochica

    - Address: Av. Juan Pablo II 463 - 467.

    - Services: Tourists who try northern dishes in this restaurant are amazed. You can accompany lunch with excellent alcoholic beverages.

    ● Restaurant La Toscana Trujillo

    - Address: Corner of Industrial Highway with Av. Federico Villarreal.

    - Services: If you are looking to eat pasta, this is the perfect place. His specialty is lasagnas, nobody can miss them.

    ● Restaurant El Rincón de Vallejo

    - Address: Jirón Orbegoso 311.

    - Services: It has a different menu for each day, each one is based on northern dishes such as greaves.

    ● Bar El Apothecary

    - Address: Av. Larco 992.

    - Services: An exclusive place with very friendly staff. To enter you have to ask a man, who will guide you here.

    ● Larco Bar

    - Address: Jirón Francisco Pizarro 203.

    - Services: It has varied music, ideal not to get bored all night. It is also excellent if you want to spend it as a couple.

    The most tourist places in Terrapuerto Trujillo

    ● Plaza de Armas: It is the center of the city. Around it are different places such as the Municipal Palace and the Cathedral. Here independence was proclaimed in 1820 after José de San Martín ordered it.

    ● El Carmen Monastery: It is a great tourist attraction that was built in 1759. The monastery is made up of a convent and a temple. It also has within it a collection of around 150 canvases.

    ● House of Emancipation: It can be found in Jirón Francisco Pizarro. It has great political importance because the former president of José de la Riva Agüero lived here and the declaration of independence for Trujillo was prepared.

    Important city dates of Terrapuerto Trujillo

    ● National Marinera Contest - January 12 to 27: The marinera is a typical dance from the north, so this contest is held where the best dancers from Peru come to win the award.

    ● Easter - March: An activity of the Catholic religion that moves various believers. The death and passion of Jesus Christ is celebrated.

    ● International Spring Festival - September 20: It is quite a show for tourists. There is a parade and the respective coronation, as well as concerts by national and international artists.

    How to move around Terrapuerto Trujillo?

    To move around in Trujillo, the tourist has 2 options: public bus, commonly regulated by the municipality or the authority in charge, or taxi, driven by a citizen who provides the service.

    ● Public bus: It is the most popular way of transporting within the city, as well as being very economical. The fare, also called a ticket, does not usually go up from S/5 per person. The public bus has different stops where it picks up passengers, so the trip can be a bit slow.

    ● Taxi: This is the fastest way of transport within the city. It does not have stops, so it goes straight to the desired destination. You can contact it on the avenue or by calling a company or through an application. The rate here is usually higher, usually exceeding S/10.

    How to get to Terrapuerto Trujillo?

    ● Trujillo by bus: Traveling to Trujillo by bus is always an idea present in all travelers who want a well-deserved vacation in this area. If you need to go to Trujillo, assume that you will find a bus around here.

    ● Trujillo by train: Currently there is no train that reaches Trujillo due to the few tracks that Peru has.

    ● Juliaca by plane: In Trujillo is the FAP Carlos Martínez de Pinillos International Airport, with which you can make connections here.

    Terminals in Piura and Terrapuerto Trujillo

    • Terminal Piura.
    • Terrapuerto Trujillo.

    Operators of the route Piura to Terrapuerto Trujillo

    • Oltursa.

    About Terrapuerto Trujillo

    Terrapuerto Trujillo is one of the most interesting cities in Peru, not only because of its tourist attractions but also because of the warmth of its people and its rich cuisine. It is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations for any traveler. If it is the first time that you are traveling to this city, the preferable thing to do would be to stay for a minimum of 3 days to help you explore it thoroughly.

    About the route to Terrapuerto Trujillo

    redBus offers the most convenient way to travel by road to Terrapuerto Trujillo. Terrapuerto Trujillo is a favorite destination spot for travelers and people who want to spend a little vacation time and enjoy special moments and experiences. Travel time usually varies depending on the amount of traffic, weather conditions and road conditions.


    What clothes should I wear in Trujillo?

    To travel to Trujillo you can pack summer clothes to withstand the intense heat. For example, short-sleeved shirts and thin cloth pants. You can also go in sandals or slippers, whichever is more pleasing to the traveler.

    Can I have soroche in Trujillo?

    It is highly unlikely that Trujillo suffers from soroche, no traveler so far has reported a similar situation. However, if you want to be safer, you can always buy a pill to take halfway.