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Travel by Bus from Ilo to Moquegua

The road journey from Ilo to Moquegua is pleasant and relaxing. At redBus, we work with different bus companies that operate on this route with well-maintained buses and experienced drivers. Although the travel time varies from one bus operator to another because of traffic and climatic conditions, our continuous availability of bus services between Ilo and Moquegua reduces uncertainty and offers convenience for travelers.

Why book a Ilo to Moquegua bus with redBus?

You can also time-to-time redBus offers while booking your bus tickets online from Ilo to Moquegua. Follow a simple, fast and secure bus booking procedure. This helps save time and also helps to create a joyful travel experience!

About Ilo

Ilo is a port city at the shores of the Pacific Ocean, located in the southern región of the country, in de Department of Moquegua. The city was founded by Spaniards in a territory previously occupied by pre-columbian cultures. The city gained importance as a fishing hamlet and strategic port to supply goods to the southern cities. Ilo played an important role during the War of the Pacific, and became a staging area for the Chilean forces in their campaign through Tacna and Arica. During the XXth century due to migration from the Andean highlands, and is now a modern trading hub with attractive beaches for tourists during the summer.

About Moquegua

In the Early Horizon period of Peru, the region was controlled by the Pucara culture and on the Medium Horizon by the Tiahuanaco culture. In 1540 the Spanish arrived looking for new lands to settle and it was in 1541 that Moquegua was founded, at the same time as the Ilo harbor. Moquegua stood out in the fight to acquire the independence, reason why on January 9th, 1823 acquired the title of city. Moquegua was part of the independence of Arequipa and then part of the 7 provinces of the department, a position that the city conserved until the decade of 1830. Moquegua, known as the "Sun's Land", is a hidden treasure on the Peruvian coast. Its gorgeous landscapes and streets with classic architecture from colonial times make Moquegua a unique experience. Amazing valleys, ravines, and rocky surfaces where fun moments and adventure take place. Take a tour through the wine and Pisco cellars, take a bath in one of the thermal baths or explore mansions with a thousand histories to tell, and you will want to come back for sure!


How can I buy my bus ticket online in Perú?

You can purchase a ticket for the bus of your choice to any destination in Perú by logging in to the official redBus site which is This website is easy to use and you can buy your bus ticket in a matter of minutes.

How do I buy a bus ticket from Ilo from Moquegua?

You can visit one of the terminals in Ilo and visit the counter of the bus company of your choice, wait your turn in the attention queue, select the seat you want and buy your ticket. But if you prefer to avoid all that, you can simply enter and buy your bus ticket online in just 5 minutes and with the comfort of your home or office.

Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?

Yes, you must print it out before boarding, remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the trip.

Can I reschedule my trip after buying my ticket?

Yes, you can, but this feature is limited to only a few bus companies in Perú. Please contact the bus company of your choice if you need to make any changes.

How can I pay for my bus fare on the redBus Web site?

At redBus we have several payment methods that we offer our customers. The most common for most of them are credit cards but you can check all of them on the home page of the site

Are there special offers or discounts in redbus for the route of Ilo to Moquegua?

In order to make your trip cheaper, redBus offers different discounts, which you can find out here:

What is the distance between Ilo and Moquegua?

The distance between Ilo and Moquegua is 93km.

How long does it take to go from Ilo to Moquegua?

The trip from Ilo to Moquegua takes 1 and a half hours approximately.

How many departures are there from Ilo to Moquegua?

Currently, there is one departure from Ilo to Moquegua through Oltursa.

Which bus companies offer the route Ilo to Moquegua?

You can travel from Ilo to Moquegua through Oltursa.

Which bus companies have the most departures for the Ilo to Moquegua?

Currently, there is one departure from Ilo to Moquegua through Oltursa.

From which bus terminals can I travel from Ilo to Moquegua?

The Pampa inalambrica de Ilo is the departure point.

Moquegua weather

Moquegua's weather is nice, warm, and partly cloudy. Temperature over the year varies between 10°C and 24°C. Based on this, the best time to visit Moquegua is during March, April, and May. During these months the weather is less rainy, so you can enjoy outdoor activities.

Hotels in Moquegua

Moquegua has a variety of attractive tourist places, therefore it also has a wide selection of hotels, hostels, and rooms for everyone. Here you can find cozy places to stay with your family or backpackers hostels to go with your friends.

▶ Casa Andina Hotel Moquegua

- Manuel C. de la Torre Ugarte extension, Moquegua

- Prices: From S/ 278.00

- Services: It has individual, double, triple, familiar rooms and a village for 8 guests. Bar. Pool. Free parking. Wifi. Soundproof rooms. Includes breakfast.

▶ Tierra del Sol

- 817 Ilo street, Moquegua

- Prices: From S/ 118.00

- Services: It has individual and double rooms. Free parking, Minibar. Wifi. Includes breakfast.  

▶ Hotel El Mirador Moquegua

- Alto de la Villa, Moquegua

- Prices: From S/ 241.00

- Services: It has individual and double rooms, and junior suites. Pool. Wifi. Mountain-view rooms. Bar. Free parking. Includes breakfast. 

▶ Hotel Moquegua

- 321 Junin street, Moquegua

- Prices: From S/ 119.00

- Services: It has individual and double rooms. Wifi. Minibar. Free parking. Includes breakfast. 

▶ Hotel Piedra Santa Moquegua

- B-1 Alfonso Ugarte B-1 avenue

- Prices: From S/ 113.00

- Servicios: It has individual and double rooms. Bar. Free parking. Bathtubs Air conditioning. Includes breakfast. 

Restaurants in Moquegua

Moquegua's gastronomy is very diverse, with seafood like Chicharron, Ceviche, and Chupe de Camarones, to name a few. You can also find southern dishes like Cacharrada and Cuy Frito. Make sure to try all these dishes alongside a glass of Moquegua's finest wine.

▶ El Punto del Paisa

- H-1 Primavera residential area, Moquegua

- Prices: From S/ 30.00

▶ Bistro Carnes & Vinos

- 540 Ayacucho street, Plaza Major, Moquegua

- Prices: From S/ 18.00

▶ Restaurant La Morena

- Allotment 5, Mariscal Domingo Nieto avenue, Moquegua

- Prices: From S/ 20.00

▶ El Cebillano Moquegua

- 250 Junin street, Moquegua

- Precios: Desde S/ 28.00

▶ El Tablón

- Plaza Vea, Moquegua

- Prices: From S/ 16.00

Important dates in Moquegua

▶ February 2nd to 11th - Vigen de la Candelaria Festivity: It is the most important religious festivity in Peru. It is celebrated with dances, music, and colors that unites Quechua, Aimara and Half-blooded cultures from the region.

▶ May 24th and 25th - Avocado, Tuna, and Oregano festival: The main goal of this festival is to promote the production and consumption of these products. Citizens and tourists can visit stands where they buy or taste dishes made of avocado, tuna liquor or oregano-made oil.

▶ October 14th - Virgen de la Fortunata festivity: Virgen de la Fortunata is known as the Patroness of the Sun's Land. This festivity congregates thousands of believers, that participate in an annual Mass, followed by fireworks and a serenade. It is organized by the Craftsmen Society and the Mariscal Nieto's Municipality. 

▶ November 25th - Moquegua's anniversary: Although the anniversary date is on the 25th, celebrations occur during the whole week, where citizens and tourists can participate in a festival filled with music, dances, typical dishes, cultural nights, and more.

The most touristic places in Moquegua

▶ Plaza Major: Moquegua's Plaza Majo is located at the heart of the city. Its well-preserved colonial-style architecture will leave you speechless. The fountain at the center was designed by Gustave Eiffel, a famous artist known for designing the Eiffel Tower.

▶ Mollesaja's falls: Mollesaja's falls is the perfect place to do outdoor activities and get in contact with nature. With a staggering height of more than 100 meters, is one of the highest in Peru. It is located 6 km near Moquegua's downtown, so it is easy to access.

▶ Pisco and wine tour: If you love wine and Pisco, this tour is perfect for you. Enjoy liquor from the most exclusive and beautiful cellars of the southern region, truly a taste to the palate. 

▶ Coffin mountain: Locate at the heart of Moquegua's valley, this place is perfect for those who love trekking. The name is due to the similarity to a coffin at the top. It is also a religious place where ceremonies and offerings to the Andean's Gods with coca, liquor, and candles take place.

How to move around Moquegua

In Moquegua, you can move through the city on taxis. We recommend you to set the price in advance because it doesn't have taximeters.

How to reach Moquegua

Moquegua by bus: If the starting point is Ilo, the distance is 93 km, wich takes 1 and a half hours approximately. 

Gastronomy in Moquegua

Some of Moquegua's typical dishes are:

- Cuy frito

- Picante de cuy

- La Cacharrada

- Moqueguado de Camarón

- Sudado de Machas

- Patasca Moqueguana

Things to buy in Moquegua

If you want to take something from Moquegua, we recommend:

- Alpaca wool sweaters

- Wine

- Pisco

- Caruma's instruments

- Baskets made of reed

Moquegua facts

Moquegua was founded by the Spanish colonists as Villa de Santa Catalina de Guadalcázar del Valle de Moquegua) is a city in southern Peru, located in the Department of Moquegua, of which it is the capital. It is also capital of Mariscal Nieto Province and Moquegua District. It is located 1144 kilometers south of the capital city of Lima.

Bus operators of the route Ilo to Moquegua

● Oltursa

In conclusion:

Moquegua combines nature with history. A city with beautiful streets that will take you through time to colonial times, and long valleys that overflows air. Whether it is exploring the falls on the outsides of the city or tasting the best wines and piscos, Moquegua is a city that has it all.

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Tips for finding cheap tickets on the Ilo to Moquegua

Prices go higher on March, April and May due to the nice weather, so if you are planning to visit Puno on those dates, make sure to buy your tickets in advance.