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Jul 2024
Jul 2024


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Popular Routes in Peru

RouteAverage Bus Ticket PriceAverage Duration
Lima to ChimboteS/.43.007h
Lima to TrujilloS/.39.009h
Trujillo to LimaS/.50.009h
Chimbote to LimaS/.50.007h
Lima to ChiclayoS/.39.0013h
Lima to HuarazS/.40.008h
Lima to IcaS/.25.004h
Lima to AyacuchoS/.39.0010h
Lima to ArequipaS/.60.0016h

Why buy tickets in Peru?

Buses are an excellent option to travel in Peru, since, nowadays, there is greater accessibility to buy tickets online, in addition to the improvement of roads and highways that develop transportation and trade between the different provinces in the country. Also, although there are many incredible destinations to visit in Peru, some are very difficult to reach with other means of transportation, and with redBus you will be able to get to the most remote places in the country.

How to buy bus tickets

Popular Bus Companies in Peru

If you want to travel by Bus, remember that almost all the Bus Companies in Peru have a website, where you can check the service, routes, schedule, contact information, and much more. In redBus, we offer all of this information in just one platform, as well as relevant information like hotels and restaurants, weather, and some activities you can try on your trip to make your experience unique and unforgettable. Buy your bus tickets online and avoid long lines, in just one simple process. You just have to search, select, and book your ticket on from your house, workplace, or in the street!

Top Bus Companies in Peru

Popular Bus Routes in Peru

On redBus, we offer hundreds of routes that depart from the main terminals in Colombia. From our platform, you can check information like the number of daily departures, travel time, bus companies that cover the route, and much more. To make your experience more simple, we also offer you information about hotels, restaurants, tourist places, important dates, and everything necessary to have an unforgettable trip.

Top Bus Routes

Here are some of the most important routes:

● Lima to Chimbote

● Lima to Trujillo

● Trujillo to Lima

● Chimbote to Lima

● Lima to Chiclayo

● Chiclayo to Lima

● Lima to Huaraz

● Lima to Ica

● Lima to Ayacucho

● Lima to Arequipa

Popular Bus Terminals in Colombia

We offer you information about the main bus terminals in Peru, which are located in the most important cities. Many of these installations are the departure and arrival points for various bus companies, as these are located in easy access points for the passengers’ convenience. Some of the most important bus terminals in Peru are:

Bus Terminals Peru

Our Offers and Discounts

redBus users have exclusive discounts and promotions to travel through Colombia at the best prices. For new travellers, you can get up to 10% discount on your first trip using the code PRIMER. You can get all the promotions on special dates following our social media, or receive the last offers on your email With redBus, travelling through Colombia is easier and cheaper!

How to buy a bus ticket online in redBus?

To purchase a bus ticket on redBus, follow the next steps:

  1. On the search bar, enter your origin and destination place, as well as the date you want to travel. The returning date is optional.
  2. Compare and choose between operators, schedule, departure and arrival terminals, and onboard services for your trip.
  3. Once the bus you want to travel is chosen, pick the seat you want to take and press reserve.
  4. Llena tus datos completos en la ficha y presiona continuar. Fill your complete information and press continue.
  5. Choose between the different payment options to purchase the bus ticket.
  6. Done! The bus ticket will be sent to your mail. Don’t forget to print it to show it before boarding.


Select your city of origin:
Route:Price (From):
Lima to TrujilloS/40 PENSEE SEATS
Jul 2024
Lima to IcaS/20 PENSEE SEATS
Jul 2024

3 Simple steps to get your Bus Ticket

Buy your ticket on our website
Buy your ticket on our website
Receive an email with all the instructions
Receive an email with all the instructions
Go to your company's counter to validate your ticket
Go to your company's counter to validate your ticket

Buy Bus Tickets at redBus VS at the Terminal

You can choose your seat, the type of bus and the company you wish to travel with.
Book your bus tickets easily from anywhere at any time
Great deals and Cashbacks for your ticket purchase
24/7 Customer Care
You don't have many options to choose from
You have to go to the terminal and stand in long queues
No discounts or refunds
There is usually no 24/7 assistance


Which is the protocol to travel by bus in Peru?
Bus companies in Peru have optimized commercial processes to assure the health and security of the passengers. For that reason, it is necessary to follow safety protocols like wearing a facemask at all times, taking your temperature as you enter the bus, social distancing during the trip by using interspersed seats, and distancing measures at the terminal. Busses are disinfected before every trip, and blankets and pillows are not given to the passengers.
How can I buy bus tickets on redBus?
The process is very simple, on the home page, enter the place of departure, destination and travel date you want. All available bus companies will be displayed for you to choose from. You will find a lot of useful information, such as fare, trip duration, services, bus ratings, etc. You can choose the bus that you like the most. In case there are no buses available for your request, you will see a ’No services found’ message on your screen. You can try to change the date or enter other nearby cities in origin / destination, depending on your needs.
Do I need an account to buy a bus ticket on redBus?
No, you can purchase a bus ticket on the website or the app without an account. However, if you have an account you can get access to exclusive discounts and offers.
What documents are required for underage people to travel?
For children, it is necessary to also present a notarial authorization, signed by the parents allowing the trip, with their IDs attached to the document.
Which payment methods are available on redBus?
At redBus we have several payment methods that we offer our customers. The most common for most of them are credit cards but you can check all of them on the home page of the site
Can I change the date of my trip after I have booked my bus ticket?
You can request a change by contacting the bus company. Keep in mind that redBus can only help you if you have purchased a bus ticket from some companies. Send us your request to
What happens if the bus does not leave on time or is canceled?
These types of problems and their solutions must be consulted directly at the counter of the transport company, if you do not find a solution do not hesitate to write to
At what age do children pay bus fare?
The age up to which children pay bus fare may vary depending on the policy of the transportation company. In many cases, children under the age of 3 may ride free of charge. We recommend checking the specific policies of the bus company at the time of booking.
How long do I have to change a bus ticket?
The time to change a bus ticket may vary depending on the change policy of the transportation company. In general, it is advisable to make changes in advance to guarantee availability. Some companies may allow changes up to a certain number of hours or days before the trip. I suggest you check the specific conditions at the time of booking or contact the bus company's customer service.
How can a teenager travel by bus?
Teenagers are usually allowed to travel alone on buses, but policies may vary from company to company. According to the Superintendencia de Transporte Terrestre de Personas, Carga y Mercancías, minors must carry their DNI if traveling with one or both parents and, if traveling with a responsible adult, DNI and notarized authorization from one of the parents. I would recommend that you check the specific policies of the bus company at the time of booking to make sure that the teenager meets the requirements.
How do I know if I have my ticket?
After you make a reservation on redBus, you will receive an email confirmation. You can also log in to your redBus account and check in the "My Tickets" section. There you will find details about your reservations, including the status of your ticket.