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With the redBus app you can buy your bus tickets directly from your cell phone and take advantage of our latest offers and promotions, we assure you that our app helps you have a great shopping experience!

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About our app

redBus is Peru’s number 1 online bus booking app for buying bus tickets online. redBus brings together a large number of reliable bus companies in Peru, offering a fast, practical and safe shopping experience. The system allows you to choose the destination, select the seats and buy your tickets with few clicks.

⭐ Trusted by over 17 million happy customers globally⭐ Choose seats from over 180 bus companies. Travel over 900 routes throughout Peru.⭐ Over 180 million+ trips have been booked.

Features and Benefits of booking bus tickets through redBus

⛑️ Safety+: An initiative by redBus to keep passengers safe by ensuring that bus operators and passengers follow strict regulations that have been set by the government💳 Supporting several payment options such as with a debit, credit or Paypal card. Also pay without cards, using the PagoEfectivo cash deposit.🏷️ Amazing Deals: Buy tickets at the best price with our promotions. You will also have special promotions to earn money (balance) for your trips on redBus with the "Invite and Win" program.

redBus App Features

We have secure payment methods that guarantee the protection of your purchase.
Buy tickets at the best price with our promotions.
Choose from more than 150 bus companies. Travel to more than 900 routes throughout Peru.
Pay with debit, credit card or Paypal. Also pay without cards, using the cash deposit of PagoEfectivo.

Our Offers and Discounts

redBus users have exclusive discounts and promotions to travel through Perú at the best prices. For new travellers, you can save up to 10% on your first trip using the code PRIMER in our app. You can get all the promotions on special dates following our social media, or receive the last offers on your email With redBus, travelling through Peru is easier and cheaper!

Buy Bus Tickets at redBus VS at the Terminal

You can choose your seat, the type of bus and the company you wish to travel with.
Book your bus tickets easily from anywhere at any time
Great deals and Cashbacks for your ticket purchase
24/7 Customer Care
You don't have many options to choose from
You have to go to the terminal and stand in long queues
No discounts or refunds
There is usually no 24/7 assistance

How to buy a bus ticket online in redBus?

To purchase a bus ticket on redBus, follow the next steps:

  1. On the search bar, enter your origin and destination place, as well as the date you want to travel. The returning date is optional.
  2. Compare and choose between operators, schedule, departure and arrival terminals, and onboard services for your trip.
  3. Once the bus you want to travel is chosen, pick the seat you want to take and press reserve.
  4. Llena tus datos completos en la ficha y presiona continuar. Fill your complete information and press continue.
  5. Choose between the different payment options to purchase the bus ticket.
  6. Done! The bus ticket will be sent to your mail. Don’t forget to print it to show it before boarding.

Popular Routes in Peru

RouteAverage Bus Ticket PriceAverage Duration
Lima to ChimboteS/.43.007h
Lima to TrujilloS/.39.009h
Trujillo to LimaS/.50.009h
Chimbote to LimaS/.50.007h
Lima to ChiclayoS/.39.0013h
Lima to HuarazS/.40.008h
Lima to IcaS/.25.004h
Lima to AyacuchoS/.39.0010h
Lima to ArequipaS/.60.0016h


Select your city of origin:
Route:Price (From):
Lima to TrujilloS/40 PENSEE SEATS
Lima to IcaS/20 PENSEE SEATS

3 Simple steps to get your Bus Ticket

Buy your ticket on our website
Buy your ticket on our website
Receive an email with all the instructions
Receive an email with all the instructions
Go to your company's counter to validate your ticket
Go to your company's counter to validate your ticket

Frequently Asked Questions

What time is recommended to travel by bus?
Traveling by bus is always a pleasant and incredible experience, but many travelers have shown their preference for this adventure at night, preferably if it is a long route or more than 6 hours. This is the majority's choice because at this time the passenger can spend a large part of the trip sleeping, so that the route does not become long. If you travel to the peruvian Highlands or you must cross the peruvian Highlands during the trip, then you’ll have less possibilities to suffer from altitude sickness.
Is it safe to travel by bus?
Traveling by bus is very safe and fun! The peruvian roads are well built and have road police, security staff in charge of watching over all the people that cross Peru in this method, whether for recreation or business. In addition to the State's implementations, the passenger has the security provided by the transport company itself, which is summarized in modern and well-equipped buses, trained personnel in case of emergencies and a security policy that responds in cases of accidents.
What papers do I need to travel by bus?
The roles that are needed to travel by bus depends on several factors. For example, to board the bus, a valid identity document (or ID) is required, so if it has been stolen or misplaced, the passenger will need to take the police report and/or a record of the RENIEC that certifies that your new ID is already being processed. Also, if traveling with a minor, the terramoza will need to validate that the minor has the permission of both parents to travel, so the person in charge must present a notarized letter where the parents have authorized the trip. In addition, if the passenger is a person with a disability and requires special attention during the route, a certificate must be presented so that the bus company can do the procedures required.
Is it difficult to travel by bus?
Traveling by bus is not difficult; On the contrary, it is simple and fun. It is the most popular way of transport and for several reasons. First of all, for how comfortable and incredible it is to see the natural landscapes of Peru from an ergonomic seat. There is nothing like connecting with Peruvian nature even for a short period of time. Secondly, the bus offers various services that will make the trip enjoyable. For example, the most common are play a movie, music and lunch / dinner. More expensive services offer WIFI or USB input to charge a cell phone, among others.
Is traveling by bus cheap?
Traveling by bus is very cheap, although this also depends on the route, the season (if it is high or low) and the anticipation with which tickets are being purchased. Usually, traveling by bus can be very cheap if you buy it two weeks or a month in advance. It is also recommended to always check the social networks of the transport company of your choice to see if they have a current promotion that can help you have the best price.
How do I buy my ticket to travel by bus?
You have two options to buy your tickets and travel by bus. The first is the traditional way of approaching the terminal, making your queue and buying your tickets there. The other is to buy through the website or mobile application of your trusted transport company. We recommend using this second method since it is safe and 100% reliable, in addition the passenger will save a lot of time since they can make the purchase from the comfort of their home.