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Buying your tickets on redBus is the best option. First, you can buy your tickets whenever you want, take your time, think about your destination and once you are decided, buy your ticket. It doesn't matter if it is very early or very late in the night, at any time you can buy your ticket with redBus.We have to offer you more than 150 bus companies, regardless of the destination you choose, you will always have several options for companies so that you can choose the service and bus that you like best. As for routes, we cover the entire country and you can travel to any national destination from wherever you are.If you decide to visit the northern beaches or perhaps you dare to know the wonders of the jungle in our country, redBus takes you to all destinations. Finally and most importantly, you can always have a valid offer, be it your first purchase with redBus or you have already purchased before. Remember that by downloading the application, you will be able to access unique promotions and have the facility to have everything or for your trip in your hands. The most important thing is that you can pay your ticket your way, either in cash or by card, buy your ticket with redBus and do not complicate yourself. There is no need to go to a terminal or an agency. With redBus, buy your ticket in the easiest way and ensure your trip in simple steps. You know, download the app or enter our website and buy your bus tickets faster than you imagine.



Select your city of origin:
Route:Price (From):
Lima to Arequipa95 PENSEE SEATS
Cusco to Arequipa72 PENSEE SEATS
Ica to Arequipa116 PENSEE SEATS
Puno to Arequipa55 PENSEE SEATS
Nazca to Arequipa117 PENSEE SEATS
Tacna to Arequipa60 PENSEE SEATS
Paracas to Arequipa183 PENSEE SEATS
Cotahuasi to Arequipa42 PENSEE SEATS
Juliaca to Arequipa30 PENSEE SEATS
Chivay to Arequipa258 PENSEE SEATS

3 Simple steps to get your Bus Ticket

Buy your ticket on our website
Receive an email with all the instructions
Go to your company's counter to validate your ticket

Tips for buying a cheap bus ticket

Buying cheap tickets is always your best travel alternative. First, the price of the tickets can always vary according to the schedule, if you decide to travel in the morning you will find cheaper tickets anyway. You will spend the day traveling but it will help you save and be able to enjoy even more the chosen destination. Another option you can take is to decide the time when you buy your ticket. Buying it during the day may be when there are a lot of people trying to buy at the same time as you. Find your ticket at night and secure it at a cheaper price. 


Q: Why buy your bus ticket on redBus?
A: Buying your tickets on redBus is a solution since you can buy your ticket at any time from the comfort of your home. You can choose from more than 150 bus companies and choose the service that is most to your liking
Q: How can I save money with redBus?
A: With redBus you can save with the discounts and promotions that we have constantly, if you have an account in the app, you can use the points in your wallet to buy your tickets.
Q: Are there any restrictions on the luggage I can carry?
A: These are some prohibited items that you will not be able to carry in your luggage when traveling. Fruits, poisonous substances, flammable, explosive, corrosive materials that may put the safety of users at risk. Merchandise of foreign origin that does not have documentation that validates your income. Therefore, if it is seized by SUNAT, the company assumes no responsibility. The passenger is prohibited from boarding the bus with firearms or sharp pointed elements, as well as flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous or similar materials.
Q: What documents do i need to travel?
A: To board, the passenger must present their physical or virtual travel ticket and identity document (DNI, passport, immigration card or identification card). Regarding minors, they must present their DNI and when the minor travels alone or in the company of an adult other than their parents, they must present a notarized travel authorization certificate.
Q: How can I pay for my bus ticket on the redBus website?
A: At redBus we have several payment methods that we offer to our clients. The most common by most are credit cards but you can also pay your ticket in cash. Check all the methods on our page
Q: Should I print my bus ticket before boarding?
A: Yes, you must print it before boarding. Remember that all passengers will have to print their bus ticket that was sent to their email in PDF format and then be exchanged for a physical ticket at the counter of the bus company with which you are going to make the journey.