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Interprovincial transport in Peru

As we know, in Peru, since March 15, 2020, the country entered a state of emergency, taking all trade, transportation, and food activities, among others, as paused. Transportation is one of the areas where most people have been affected. Many of the people had to stay in the city where they were without being able to return to their place of origin. We could see how desperate people were that some even decided to return to their cities on foot. So much was the anguish for the people that the government prepared humanitarian trips for those who really needed it. Definitely, the transport sector has been strongly affected from people who need to travel to people who work daily as drivers or terramozas to offer the best service to people. Transport is expected to reactivate in the country from July, of course, with new measures and protocols to guarantee the health of all people. 

What are the exceptions to travel?

In order to travel you will have to meet the following requirements. Eventual permit for the transport of people, has a maximum term of ten calendar days. You must have a simple request with general data, a simple, photostatic or electronic copy of the contract or order received by the carrier in which the provision of the eventual transportation service is requested and to make a payment for the right of processing in the Banco de la Nacion. 

What are Humanitarian Travels?

Humanitarian trips are those trips that the state made available to those who needed to travel urgently to return to their countries or cities of origin, as well as work reasons. Humanitarian trips were opened according to the need of people to choose a common destination where there are large numbers of people and the trip can be very well used. 

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Since when will interprovincial bus travel be allowed?
In principle, interprovincial trips in our country will start from July 1. This date has yet to be confirmed by the state and consequently by the bus companies.
What will the new buses for inter-provincial trips be like?
Today, buses will have to take stricter measures to guarantee the security that everything is in order and there will be no risk of contagion or spread of the virus. For this, bus companies have been working to implement new measures such as distributing gel, taking the temperature to each passenger who enters the bus and demanding the mandatory use of a mask.
Will the price of the tickets from the quarantine removal be the same?
This data is not yet accurate but many companies talk that they will keep their tickets at the same price as before. This, with the aim of keeping the passengers who always travel with them happy.
With the new security measures in place, will the trips last longer?
In principle, the duration of the trips should not vary. This is not something that can be affirmed since if companies consider this as a preventive measure, then they will also put it into practice.