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Peru is full of beautiful destinations, which you can visit without spending a lot of money. Here we tell you about some of these trips that you can do, cheap, easy and that will surprise you. Let us begin!


One of the cheapest and most economical destinations that you should visit if or if when you feel like nature, is Marcahuasi. It is EAST of Lima, and it is one of the best known places for camping in South America. It is located in a privileged place, at 4,000 meters high, where the cold is great and the lights that the city of Lima projects are few. Surely you will live an incredible view of the night sky. It is also said to be the place with the most UFO sightings. But not everything is in its sky, its mountains and rock formations are impressive on their own. You can get to Marcahuasi from the town of San Pedro de Casta on foot and the trip can take from 2 to 4 hours. Keep in mind that there are no shops, so go equipped, take a good coat, hydration and food to make the trip more comfortable. To get there, you can take a bus to Chosica, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here.


Kuélap is a powerful destination. It has a structure called the Kuélap Fortress and was designated as one of the must-visit tourist destinations in 2018. It is also one of the largest stone cities in South America, well ahead of its most important neighbor, Machu Picchu. Kuélap is a living testimony of the pre-Inca history and culture, precisely that of Chachapoyas, of the Peruvian Amazon. Being there within its walls is basically like being in a real city made for war. As we have mentioned, it is a powerful destination. Its owners were born warriors and this city, with its walls up to 20 meters high, was its fortress, which allowed them to defend themselves without problems from the Incas until, of course, the arrival of the Spanish. Visiting Kuélap and living your experience are worth a lot, and not only for being one of the cheapest destinations in Peru. To get there, you can take a bus to Chachapoyas, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here.


Machu Picchu is not the only city of the Incas and its ancient empire. Choquequirao is another great attraction that you should not miss. Located in Cuzco, it is a monument to the complex architecture of the Inca civilization. It is located in the snowy Salcantay, more than 3,000 meters above sea level. Once in Cuzco, you must leave from the town of Cachora, and then walk for 3 or 4 days. It seems to be hard, but despite that, Choquequirao is an experience worth the whole adventure. Its archaeological citadel is simply impressive, and is still being discovered. Its views around are incredible. In addition, access costs approximately 60 soles per person. Currently there is a project to build a cable car that could carry more tourists. Therefore, take advantage now to live such an adventure. To get there, you can take a bus to Cusco, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here.


If what you are looking for is a destination that will help you escape from winter, then you should go to ChurĂ­n. Here you will spend many hours, relaxing under its waters of thermal baths. These are located in the Serranito district. Legend has it that bathing in the hot springs of the Meseta, Juventud and Mamahuarmi complexes rejuvenates the entire body. We know almost for sure that they are great waters for arthritis and rheumatism. If you still do not know the place you should know that what we say is true, so what are you waiting for! The trip lasts approximately 6 hours. Another important fact is that ChurĂ­n is located more than 2,000 meters above sea level, therefore, it is better that you wear a good coat to escape the cold. There the lodges can be found in front of the thermal baths, so you have no excuse to bathe. To get there, you can take a bus to Huacho, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here. 


It is believed that Huaral is a basic and family destination, and of course, with its swimming pools and tourist recreation sites, one can say that it is only to go relax with the family and already ... Wrong! Here we can tell you that you can live more than interesting adventures. A cheap place to start the adventure in Huaral is the Castillo de Chancay. It has a Baroque style, and being a castle, it is really beautiful. It is usually always open to the public and has a viewpoint where you will have a very beautiful view of the sea. Another site is the Casa Hacienda Huando. This is where the orange comes from, the native fruit of Peru that is famous in the world. Its colonial-style house and its ample land are provided for daily excursions. To get there, you can take a bus to Huaral, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here.


Near Lima you can also find a beautiful citadel that can be considered the Machu Picchu Limeño, but it is not so close. To get there you must travel and move a few kilometers beyond Huaral. Thus you will arrive at RĂșpac, the paradise of the clouds. And no, it is not that we have put a tremendous bomb to hallucinate what we are going to tell you, but the impressive thing about this landscape is the mattress of clouds that give the feeling of being in heaven. It is located about 3,400 meters above sea level, so you should wear a good coat. During your trip in RĂșpac, you will see an architectural work that is estimated to be over 800 years old. We recommend hiring a local tour operator since it is very difficult to do it alone since there are few vehicles in the area. To get there, you can take a bus to Huaral, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here. 


Vinicunca, more famously called the mountain of seven colors, is one of the tourist places in Peru that has grown the most in recent years. It is located 5,200 meters above the Ausangate mountain range. History tells that for the Incas it has been a place of infinite importance, where you will find different offerings for the Pachamama, in the form of stone mounds. They ask for favors and you can try to raise your own and make your own wish. The mountain colors, you can see them with greater splendor, the sunny days. So that may be your departure as you go to your final destination. But we can help you by telling you that planning your trip to go in August is your best option. To get there, you can take a bus to Cuzco, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here.


If what you like is outdoor sports and relaxing with a good drink of Wine or traditional pisco, then you should visit Lunahuanå. Located south of Lima, it is the preferred place for adventure, both for Lima and foreigners. The beautiful valley and river town has an important center for kayaking, canoeing, hiking and horseback riding, but it also has a wide and delicious gastronomic offer, from famous pisco and wine cellars to its famous tamales, fish and seafood. Finally, tell you that you should not worry about where to sleep. Here there are rooms from S /. 50 a night, but you can also camp. To get there, you can take a bus to Lima or Cañete, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here.


Known as the Pearl of the Andes, Tarma is 3 hours from Lima. In this city you will not only find excellent places to rest, but you will also be able to have fun to the rhythm of the stomping and the saxophones at their parties. You can also find beautiful fields of crops and flowers, historical monuments and you will learn about the Andean culture. In Tarma you can visit the Gruta de Huagapo, the Sanctuary of the Lord of Muruhuay and its small square of weapons, but the most frequented site is the Cueva de Huagapo, the deepest cave in South America, 2,000 meters deep. So do not waste time, and take a tour of Tarma, its people will welcome you with beautiful smiles and many open arms. To get there, you can take a bus to Lima, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here. 


Lima keeps another treasure, called Caral, a place with a lot of archeology and that provides the remains of the oldest city in pre-Hispanic America. This citadel was built between 3,000 and 1,800 BC, which makes it contemporary with ancient societies such as the Egyptian or the Sumerian and despite not having a direct relationship with those societies, you will discover that they have a great similarity. The most common thing to know it is to hire a tour, which is around 150 soles. The archaeological ruins of Caral can be known for just 11 soles, both for Peruvians and foreigners. So now you know, you cannot miss getting to know one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. To get there, you can take a bus to Lima, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here.


Antioquia is a small, modest but very charming little town. It has become the exclusive site for retreats of all kinds for many in Lima, since here they can find all the tranquility that is missing in the city. Antioquia is located 77 km from Lima, in the province of HuarochirĂ­ and is basically a town of small Andean-style houses, with colorful facades and customs, but very close to there you will be able to see the Inca trail from Nieve to Sisicaya, and you can go hiking. You will also find a viewpoint on the Amancaes hill, from where you will observe a beautiful view. But also this area is another point where you can do more adventure sports, such as mountain biking. Staying in town is quite cheap, as you can get rooms for an average of 30 soles a night. To get there, you can take a bus to Lima, and of course, on redBus we can help you. Know the prices and hours here.


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