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About Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain or Vinicunca is a mountain in Peru with an altitude of 5,200 m.s.n.m. It is located on the road to Nevado Ausangate, in the Andes of Peru, Cusco Region, Canchis province. To get to the Rainbow Mountain, tourists must go to Pitumarca, a small town located two hours from the city of Cusco. Then, you should walk on foot or by car on the slopes of the mountain. You can also use a horse until you reach the Mountain. The colors that the mountain takes are the pink one (for the red clay and fangolitas), the white one (for the sandstone), the red one (for the arcilitas), the green one (for filitas and clays), the brown earthy and the yellow .

Rainbow Mountain colores Weather

Best time to visit Rainbow Mountain

The best time to make this visit is between the months of April and October, dry season where the colors of the mountain are best appreciated.

Climate in Rainbow Mountain

The climate where the Rainbow Mountain is located is cold and dry. The temperature can drop to 0 ° C.

Things to do in Rainbow Mountain

The tourist places to see in Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain

Since 2016, this place receives hundreds of visitors a day becoming, together with Machu Picchu, one of the most visited places in Cusco, Peru. Due to its location, a little over 100 kilometers from the city of Cuzco, this place is reached by car in the first instance. After a trip of approximately 2 hours along the Longitudinal Highway of the South Mountains of Peru, you will arrive at Pitumarca. The journey continues along a path to the community of Pampa Chiri. From there you will follow a route through mountainous slopes, which is 5 kilometers long and can be done on foot or on horseback to finally arrive at Vinicunca. There are tours that offer this service.

View of the Nevado Ausangate

From the highest part of the route to the Rainbow mountain, you can see the beautiful nature that surrounds it, as well as the Ausangate Mountain.

Nightlife in Rainbow Mountain

Not available

Where to eat in Rainbow Mountain

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How to reach Rainbow Mountain

by train

Currently, there is no train routes to this destination.

by flight

To arrive by plane to the Rainbow Mountain, you must land at the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, located in the city of Cusco.

Rainbow Mountain by bus

To arrive by bus to the Rainbow Mountain, you must first go to the city of Cusco. The cost of the ticket is around 100 soles, depending on the bus company. The journey lasts 21 hours.

Accomodations in Rainbow Mountain

Important dates in Rainbow Mountain

Carnival of Cusco(February the 1st. to March 31st)Events: parades, gastronomy, colorful environment and a happy atmosphere. Big discoveries and special moments. The most important part of the festival takes place in March, though the dates are not well-established. The main square becomes the center of celebration, mixture of colours, tradition, joy and Andean folklore.
Inti Raymi(June 24th )Cusco and the Incas have a special religious connection to the Sun from long time ago. Inti Raymi is the festival to honour the Sun and they dramatize ancient ceremonies where they venerated the king star. There is a religious ceremony that takes place in the Sacsayhuaman fortress, during the winter solstice. Nowadays the festival begins in Qoricancha, with a procession where tourists and curious can take part. A not to be missed event!