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About Carhuaz

Carhuaz is one of the twenty provinces of the Ancash department, in Peru. By the north and west, it limits with the province of Yungay, by the east it limits with the provinces of Asuncion and Huari, and by the south it limits with the province of Huaraz. In 1934 was founded the province of Carhuaz. Carhuaz comes from the quechua word “qarwash” that means “yellow”. This word is related with the retama native plant, that is the main plant of the city. Carhuaz is a famous town because it has excellent fruit ice creams.

Carhuaz Weather

Best time to visit Carhuaz

The best month to visit Carhuaz is september because they celebrate the traditional festival to honor the patron Virgin de las Mercedes. During this week, the residents organize parades, dances, bullfights and other cultural and religious activities.

Climate in Carhuaz

The climate in Carhuaz is template and dry from april to december, and it is damp from january to march, because it is the rainy season. The average annual temperature is 61.16°F (16.2°C). November is the warmest month of the year, with an average temperature of 62.24°F (16.8°C), and july is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of 59.54°F (15.3°C).

Things to do in Carhuaz

Nightlife in Carhuaz

Where to eat in Carhuaz

The tourist places to see in Carhuaz


Location: 35 km. from Huaraz, in the Comunidad Campesina de Tupac Yupanqui
This archaeological complex is one of the most importants places in Callejon de Huaylas. It has four principal tombs and two rectangular squares.

Baños termales de Chancos

Location: 8 km. from Carhuaz downtown, in the district of Marcara
Thermal baths that have medicinal properties. The average temperature of the water is 165.2°F (74°C). This place is perfecto to enjoy with the family.

The things to do in Carhuaz

Plaza de Armas

Location: Carhuaz Downtown
Central square that has a beautiful water fountain. From it you can see the main buildings of the town like the City Hall and the San Pedro temple.

How to reach Carhuaz

Carhuaz by train

Currently it isn’t possible to reach Carhuaz by train.

Carhuaz by flight

Carhuaz doesn’t has an airport. The Comandante FAP German Arias Graziani airport is the nearest to Carhuaz, located in the north west of Huaraz (15 minutes by car).

Carhuaz by bus

The distance from Lima to Carhuaz is 270.5 miles (435.3 km), and the average journey time is 7 hours 10 minutes.

Accomodations in Carhuaz

    Currently we don’t have information about comfort hotels in Carhuaz.

Important dates in Carhuaz

Fiesta PatronalLast week of septemberTraditional celebration that honors the patron Virgin de las Mercedes. During a week the residents organize cultural and religious activities like dances, rituals and bullfights.