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About Imaza.

Imaza is a district part of the Bagua Province, located on the north part of Peru. Its altitude goes up to 400 m.s.n.m. The tourist are attracted to the many rainfalls and rivers that are part of the lanscape. In addition, you can visit the many indigenous communities that are located in Imaza, and in which you can do experiential tourism. Imaza weather is stable throughout the year. It has a maximum temperature of 31°C and minimum of 19°C. The humidity is relatively high, with 83%. The rainy season begins on december and ends on april. The rest of the months there is also rain but lighter.

Travel tips for Imaza.

- Like with any other trip, we recommend to be careful of your belongings and not lose sight of your luggage.

- Due to the high temperatures of the amazon, we recommend to pack light clothes and sunblock. Also, we advise to take long sleeve shirts and pants, to prevent the mosquito bite. The repellent is important for this trip.

- If you are going to take the experiential turism in indigenous communities, take into account that is likely that you will not have electricity. Take your precautions.

Best time to visit Imaza.

Imaza has a very nice weather during all the year. However, if you as a traveler desire a less hot temperature, then we advised you to go between May and July. During this months the lowest average temperature is registered.