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With more than 38 years of experience, Oltursa characterizes by its constant innovation, service quality, and the permanent investment in guarantee the passenger's security, treating them as friends or family, through the newest technology and the bus fleet of the latest generation, backed up by brands such as Scania, Mercedes-Benz, and Marcopolo.

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Top Bus Routes To Trujillo


Is it safe to buy bus tickets online?
"Buying an online ticket is a very safe activity. The data protection policy makes transactions successful and the information handled does not fall into the hands of third parties. "
Are ticket prices at the ticket office the same as those purchased online?
In both cases, who gives the prices of the bus tickets for each of the routes are the bus operators. Therefore, the price of a particular route has the same value regardless of where it is bought.
Do ticket prices increase during high seasons?
Not all bus operators do it, in fact some maintain the same value throughout the year. However, most of them change their rates according to the season of the year and the number of travelers.
In case of not traveling, does the money get reimburse money?
Cancellation policies and modifications for each ticket depend exclusively on each bus operator. Some of them allow a total cancellation of the ticket while others only allow few changes and in some cases they charge a percentage of the ticket as a penalty.
How long in advance can bus tickets be purchased?
There is no specific date, since times vary from one bus operator to another. Bus tickets are booked on average between one or two weeks before the trip, although there are some bus operators that allow bus tickets to be purchased months in advance.
How much luggage can a passenger carry?
There are bus operators that handle specific measures and others that don’t, but generally they all agree in a piece of luggage per passenger and that it must go in the trunk. In the upper part a small backpack is allowed.
What are Oltursa opening hours in Trujillo?
The attention hours are from 9:00 to 18:00.
What are Oltursa's phone numbers in Trujillo?
You can contact Oltursa in Trujillo by phone through these numbers: ▶ America Avenue Terminal - Telephone: (044) 42-3597. ▶ Del Ejercito Avenue Terminal - Telephone: (044) 26-3055. ▶ Trujillo Bus Station - Telephone: (044) 22-1301.
What are Oltursa's addresses in Trujillo?
▶ AMERICA AVENUE TRUJILLO TERMINAL ● Address: Terminal Trujillo Ejercito ; Av .América Sur 3510 Urb. Monserrate ▶ DEL EJÉRCITO AVENUE TRUJILLO TERMINAL ● Address: Terminal Trujillo Ejercito ; Av. Del Ejército 342 Urb. el molino. ▶ TRUJILLO BUS STATION ● Address: Oficina Trujillo la Merced ; Av. Húsares de Junín 460 - 101 Urb. La Merced I etapa.
What is Oltursa's mail address in Trujillo?
✉ General: callcenter@oltursa.com.pe, ✉ Contacto Turismo: turismo@oltursa.com.pe, ✉ Contacto Corporativo: corporativo@oltursa.com.pe, ✉ Contacto Cargo: cargo@oltursa.com.pe Puedes contactar a Oltursa por correo a través de: callcenter@oltursa.com.pe, turismo@oltursa.com.pe, corporativo@oltursa.com.pe

Boarding Points in Trujillo

Mentioned below are some of the boarding points in Trujillo that help commuters to opt for the most convenient location. Please note that these pick-up points vary from one operator to another.

  • Av Del Ejercito
  • Terrapuerto Trujillo
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Agencies of Oltursa in Trujillo


● Address: Terminal Trujillo Ejercito ; Av .América Sur 3510 Urb. Monserrate


● Address: Terminal Trujillo Ejercito ; Av. Del Ejército 342 Urb. el molino.


● Address: Oficina Trujillo la Merced ; Av. Húsares de Junín 460 - 101 Urb. La Merced I etapa.

Amenities of Oltursa Trujillo

In the first level, there are reclining seats of 160 ° and in the second level there are reclining seats of 140 °, it also offers hygienic services, WIFI (depending on availability en route), electrical outlets in each seat (on the first floor), snacks, air conditioning, TV, Music, Attention on board, GPS and Reading light. 

Oltursa´s Phone Numbers in Trujillo

▶ America Avenue Terminal - Telephone: (044) 42-3597. 

▶ Del Ejercito Avenue Terminal - Telephone: (044) 26-3055. 

▶ Trujillo Bus Station - Telephone: (044) 22-1301.

Oltursa's Mail Addresses

✉ General: callcenter@oltursa.com.pe, 

✉ Tourism Contact: turismo@oltursa.com.pe

✉ Corporate Contact: corporativo@oltursa.com.pe

✉ Post Service Contact: cargo@oltursa.com.pe

Destinations from Oltursa Terminal in Trujillo

1. Trujillo - Lima

It is one of the most popular routes. Oltursa offers daily departures to Lima.

2. Trujillo - Chimbote

Due to the business movement between the cities, Chimbote is also a popular destination.

3. Trujillo - Máncora

Enjoy the majestic beaches Mancora has to offer on a pleasant trip from Trujillo.

4. Trujillo - Piura

Enjoy many cities of Piura and all of its attractions, with daily departures from Trujillo.

5. Trujillo Chiclayo

It is a popular route for tourists and for businessmen, so Oltursa offers daily departures.

6. Trujillo - Tumbes

Enjoy Tumbes on a pleasant trip from Trujillo.

About Trujillo

Trujillo is the capital of the department of La Libertad. With more than 919,000 people, it is considered the third-largest city in the country. Here lived the pre-Columbian cultures Mochica, Chimú and Cupisnique. In 1534, Diego de Almagro founded the city and named it "Villa de Trujillo in honour of Francisco Pizarro. During the independence of the country, Trujillo received Simón Bolívar, one of the liberators, who decreed in 1824 that Trujillo take over the role of capital until Lima could be liberated from the spanish. Once this happened, the initial idea was that Trujillo became "Ciudad Bolívar", but finally returned to its original name.

How to reach Trujillo?

● Trujillo by bus: The distance from Lima to Trujillo is 555 km, so the route by bus can take about 8 to 10 hours.

● Trujillo by train: There is currently no train route to or from the city of Trujillo.

● Trujillo by plane: Trujillo has its own airport, Captain Carlos Martínez de Pinillos International Airport. Therefore, it is possible to arrive here by plane as long as the route exists.

The tourist places to see in Trujillo are:

● Huacas del Sol y de la Luna: This is an archaeological complex located in the district pf Moche in Trujillo. Its function is not yet established with certainty, but it is believed that the "Huaca del Sol" had a political function while the "Huaca of Luna" had a religious function.

● El Carmen Monastery: Built-in 1759, it is considered one of the best architectural complexes in Trujillo. In the gallery, you can find around 150 paints from the 17th and 18th centuries

● Huaca del Dragon: Located in the district of La Esperanza, it is a monument of religious and administrative function built in adobe. It is a pyramid with beautiful engravings on its walls, a rainbow figure draws attention to the others. 

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Once you have figured out your bus schedule, book your bus tickets easily with the redBus website or app. The site has been developed to ensure that passengers get their bus tickets booked and confirmed with minimum effort. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

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Click the “Search Buses” button

After this step, you will be taken to a page that displays every bus operator that runs on the route you have requested. You can select a bus based on the bus timings, fares, pick-up, and drop-off points, reviews, and more. 

Select the seat of your choice by clicking on the “View Seats” button and then click on the “Proceed to Book” tab. You will be taken to the payment page where you can pay for your ticket using one of several banking options such as credit cards, debit cards, FPX, or any other mode that’s available.


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Bus Amenities

160° Seat Reclination

140° Seat Reclination

Electronic Ticket(E-Ticket)




Bus Hostess




Reading Light



Central TV

Charging Point

180° Seat Reclination

Personal TV


Reclining seat

Two Drivers


Safety belt

Emergency exit

Fire Extinguisher

Gps tracking system