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About Oltursa

Oltursa was the first company to bring two sorts of buses to Peru, equipped with reclining seats. They were the first ones to incorporate GPS across the whole fleet of buses, long before the law required it of all formal bus companies. Also, they decentralize from the center of Lima to the much quieter and safer zone with our tourist bus terminals: San Isidro. Oltursa offers Wi-Fi internet service on board and, in some routes, they can provide iPADS.

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Is it safe to buy bus tickets online?
Buying an online ticket is a very safe activity. The data protection policy makes transactions successful and the information handled does not fall into the hands of third parties.
Are ticket prices at the ticket office the same as those purchased online?
In both cases, who gives the prices of the bus tickets for each of the routes are the bus operators. Therefore, the price of a particular route has the same value regardless of where it is bought.
Do ticket prices increase during high seasons?
Not all bus operators do it, in fact, some maintain the same value throughout the year. However, most of them change their rates according to the season of the year and the number of travelers.
In case of not traveling, does the money get reimburse money?
Cancellation policies and modifications for each ticket depend exclusively on each bus operator. Some of them allow a total cancellation of the ticket while others only allow few changes and in some cases, they charge a percentage of the ticket as a penalty.
How long in advance can bus tickets be purchased?
There is no specific date since times vary from one bus operator to another. Bus tickets are booked on average between one or two weeks before the trip, although there are some bus operators that allow bus tickets to be purchased months in advance.
How much luggage can a passenger carry?
There are bus operators that handle specific measures and others that don’t, but generally, they all agree in a piece of luggage per passenger and that it must go in the trunk. In the upper part, a small backpack is allowed.
What are Oltursa opening hours in Chiclayo?
The attention hours are from 9:00 to 18:00.
What are Oltursa's phone numbers in Chiclayo?
▶ BALTA AVENUE AGENCY - Telephone: (074) 237-789. ▶ VICENTE DE LA VEGA AVENUE AGENCY - Telephone: (074) 225-611.
What are Oltursa's addresses in Chiclayo?
▶ BALTA AVENUE AGENCY ● Av. Balta 598, Chiclayo 14001, Perú ▶ VICENTE DE LA VEGA AVENUE AGENCY ● Av.Vicente de la Vega 101, Chiclayo 14009, Perú
What is Oltursa's mail address in Chiclayo?
✉ General: callcenter@oltursa.com.pe, ✉ Tourism Contact: turismo@oltursa.com.pe ✉ Corporate Contact: corporativo@oltursa.com.pe ✉ Post Service Contact: cargo@oltursa.com.pe

Boarding Points in Chiclayo

Mentioned below are some of the boarding points in Chiclayo that help commuters to opt for the most convenient location. Please note that these pick-up points vary from one operator to another.

  • Av. Vicente De La Vega
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Agencies of Oltursa in Chiclayo


● Av. Balta 598, Chiclayo 14001, Perú


● Av.Vicente de la Vega 101, Chiclayo 14009, Perú

Amenities of Oltursa

Seats reclinable up to 160° on the 1st floor, Seats reclinable up to 140° on the 2nd floor, Food service, Toilets, Outlets for each seat in the first floor only, WIFI (according to availability), GPS, Reading light.

Oltursa Telephone numbers in Chiclayo

▶ BALTA AVENUE AGENCY - Telephone: (074) 237-789.

▶ VICENTE DE LA VEGA AVENUE AGENCY - Telephone: (074) 225-611.

Oltursa Mail addresses

✉ General: callcenter@oltursa.com.pe, 

✉ Tourism Contact: turismo@oltursa.com.pe

✉ Corporate Contact: corporativo@oltursa.com.pe

✉ Post Service Contact: cargo@oltursa.com.pe

Principal Destinations from Oltursa in Chiclayo

1. Chiclayo - Lima

It is one of the most popular routes. Oltursa offers many daily departures.

2. Chiclayo - Máncora

From Chiclayo, Mancora is a very visited destination for vacations.

3. Chiclayo - Los Órganos

Like Mancora, Los Organos is also a very popular destination for Chiclayo.

4. Chiclayo - Trujillo

Trujillo is one of the cities with the most movement. Therefore, Oltursa offers many daily departures.

5. Chiclayo - Tumbes

Travel from Chiclayo to Tumbes with all the amenities during this 7 hour trip.

About Chiclayo

Chiclayo is the main city of Lambayeque’s region in the northern part of Peru. It was originally named Santa Maria de Los Valles de Chiclayo in the mid-16th century although it is known as a city since April 15, 1835. Frequently, Chiclayo is recognized as The Friendship Capital or The North Pearl. Chiclayo is located in a place of great prehistoric archeology that belonged to the Wari Empire between the 7th and 12th centuries.

Chiclayo is located 770 kilometers from the city of Lima, the capital of Peru, although it is only 13 kilometers separate it from the beach. Chiclayo is the fourth most populous city in Peru after Lima, Arequipa, and Trujillo with a population close to 760,000 people. Likewise, Lambayeque’s region also occupies the fourth most populated Metropolitan Areas area in Peru with a figure that exceeds a million inhabitants.

How to reach Chiclayo?

● Chiclayo by bus: Chiclayo is a popular destination, both for Peruvians and foreigners. The possibilities of arriving by bus from cities such as Lima, Trujillo, or Piura are very varied having a large number of schedules each day. Other frequent routes to and from Chiclayo are those that are part of the Lambayeque region.

● Chiclayo by train: Chiclayo does not have a train line with which it can communicate with other regions of Peru.

● Chiclayo by plane: Capitan FAP José A. Quiñones International Airport receives a large number of passengers daily from different regions, mainly from Lima, Trujillo, Tarapoto, and Chachapoyas, as well as from Panama City.

The most tourist places in Chiclayo

● The Ruins of Zaña: It is a population located 46 kilometers southeast of Chiclayo. It was a very important city in terms of economy and development at the time of the colony, above many of the current main cities of Peru. However, strong looting by English pirates in 1686 and the overflow of the Zaña river in 1720 harmed this great city leaving it as the “ghost town” that is currently recognized. In spite of this, the Ministry of Culture of Peru called it Living Repository of the Afro-Peruvian Collective Memory while UNESCO declared it a Site of the memory of slavery and African cultural heritage.

● Balneario de Pimentel: It is undoubtedly one of the most incredible beaches in Peru and one of the most visited. The great popularity is not only due to the spectacular beaches but also the possibility of surfing given the height of its waves, an activity that is very popular in Chiclayo. In the pier of Balneario de Pimentel tourists have the possibility to rent all kinds of boats, mainly sailboats and totora horses. On the boardwalk, there's a variety of bars and restaurants to enjoy the view.

● The Royal Tombs of Señor de Sipan Museum: It is just 10 minutes from Chiclayo. Its design is triangular, similar to the ancient truncated pyramids of the pre-Inca culture. Inside there is a collection of more than 2000 pieces of gold, jewels, ceramics, and funerary accessories. But undoubtedly its great attraction is the tomb of Señor de Sipan, a Mochica ruler from the III Century that was found in 1987. This finding is unique that has been made of a ruler of ancient Peru so far. 


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